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Polish Up Your Business Card Designs

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Author: Lynne Saarte

So you have the content ready as well as the images and layout prepared for business card printing. Are you sure everything is done with your business cards? Is there anything else that you might need to add before business card printing starts? If your answer is no, then you are probably an amateur to printing business cards still.

Even with all the major design elements for business card printing set, it is important for you to polish up your designs with a few crucial effects. All business professionals know that a design for business cards it is not totally complete without a little spit and polish. Let me give you a few special polishing techniques that are commonly used for business cards so that you will know what you can do with your own business cards.

Add some borders and frames. The simplest form of spit and polish you can do to your custom business cards are borders and frames. Borders and frames usually add finality to a design, making this look more orderly and defined. For very formal and professional business cards, borders and frames are a good choice as a polishing move. Care must be taken though in the choice of the border of frame. While in the olden days, business cards with intricate curls, swirls and lines were popular, today it is best to just choose sleek and simple borders. Just try to pick the right style that fits your personality and of course your business image as well.

Inserting dynamic color backgrounds. Another basic polishing move for color business cards are dynamic color backgrounds. If you look at most common business cards, they usually have just one "block" color for their background. While this is decent enough, one great way to make things look more interesting and modern is to use a dynamic color.

So instead of just blue for example, you can use a color gradient where blue seamlessly transforms into darker blue or lighter blue from one side of the card to another. That dynamic color background will add a sense of organic color into your business card making it look more natural, real and complete. So try to consider using dynamic color backgrounds in your custom business card.

Inserting textured backgrounds. If dynamic colors are not your cup of tea though, then your next bet is textured backgrounds. In this nice polishing move, you will insert a texture filter into the background to make it look like it was made from something. So instead of just a plain white color, you might add a satin texture, canvass texture or even stone textures and grunge textures. This makes your business card more interesting, making it look like it was made from something other than paper. You can use this quite to your advantage, making your business cards look more distinct and memorable.

Improving font formatting. Now, it is also possible to polish up your own text. One of the best ways to do this is to improve your font formatting by adding a few special effects such as text shadows, text glow effects and even added color strokes around the text themselves. This will help you emphasize key content in your business cards, hemming in the important details to your readers. So explore your options in font formatting and see what you can do to improve the look of your text content.

What are you waiting for now? These tips can be easily applied to your own business card printing. Add them up and polish your designs for your custom business cards now.

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About the author: Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and other online business strategies.

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