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Please Your Guests Bridal Shower Party Favors or Wedding Shower Favors

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Author: Aaron Hu

arty favors are traditionally a part of any type party a person can attend in these modern days. Whether it is birthday celebration, a holiday get together, or a wedding, party favors will be seen in abundance. Bridal and wedding showers are no exception. In fact, there are some interesting ways to incorporate bridal and wedding shower party favors into the action to gain the guests' interest.

There are many different items that can be given as bridal or wedding shower favors. Some are the same sorts of items that are given as wedding favors. Some are specifically themed to be appropriate at a shower.

Distributing these little gifts to the guests can be handled in a couple of different ways. First, they may be put on a table for the guests to take one as the come or leave as a thank you gift for coming. This is a highly recommended method of distribution because it makes certain that no guest is left out or feels as if they have been snubbed.

Making the bridal or wedding shower party favors a part of the party is an even more interesting way to distribute them. Having games at the shower and giving out favors as prizes to the winners works very well. There no rules on how to determine what is given to the winner of each game, but it might be intriguing to the guests if the prizes are related to both the theme of the party and to the game that has been won.

Bridal or wedding shower party favors can also be incorporated into the decorations of the shower location and become a part of the party, much the same way that noisemakers and such become part of a New Year's Eve Celebration. They can then be made a part of the event in a similar fashion to the noisemakers that are a part of most New Year's Eve celebrations. Let them be part of fun that goes on at the party and then let the guests take them home as a favor and a keepsake of the fun.

It is becoming more and more common to see party favors at every different type of party one can attend. Bridal and wedding shower favors are not excluded. Making the favors fun and different may intrigue the guests and make them enjoy the party even more and remember it fondly.

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