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Pig Roast Tips from the Experts - The Porkers

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Author: Michael Achey

During the summer bbq season, a number of people have asked the Porkers their secret to the perfect roast pig. The Porkers' owner and professional pit master/pig roaster Michael Achey has compiled a list of 7 important tips on the art of cooking the perfect spit roasted pig. For more on The Porkers, go to

Tip # 1 - Roast Slowly

Cook a pig of over 40 pounds for a minimum of four hours, ideally at least six hours. You can't rush great pork.

Tip # 2 - Cook it More Slowly

This can't be overemphasized. Why? Because it takes time to break down the pig's connective tissue into tender, delicious meat that everyone will love. For example, Hawaiian style roast pig can take 12 hours.

Tip #3 - To Baste or Not to Baste, That is the Question

And the answer is - no basting's necessary. The pig will cook in its own juices. However, the Porkers have created their own special blend of seasonings (sorry, it's a trade secret).

Tip # 4 - When Do You Stuff a Pig?

This is popular outside of the United States, such as in the Philippines. The Porkers don't think this is necessary, but if you want to give it a go, it's best with a small or suckling pig.

Tip # 5 - The Best Coals to Use Are…

Not charcoal brickets. The Porkers recommend hardwood charcoal for that one-of-a-kind succulent flavor. You can find them at stores selling outdoor equipment or Home Depot.

Tip # 6 - Utensils

The bottom line is, if you need a knife, then it's cooked incorrectly. When the pig roasts long enough (yes, we're talking "slowly" again), the meat will fall off into small pieces, including the ribs. With the Porkers' pigs, we can separate the meat with our hands (sanitized hands, of course).

Tip # 7 - Don't Go From the Spit to the Plate

After you've roasted the pig slowly, remove it from the heat and allow it to keep turning for another 30 minutes. This evens out the temperature of the meat, which levels the moisture content as well.

The Porkers mastered the art of pig roasting after hundreds of BBQ's and a relentless desire to create the perfect entrees. Achey and partners will bring a whole pig on a spit to any location in the NY metropolitan area. And that's not all The Porkers provide - a full menu of barbecue style food is included in the package price, including vegetarian options. The Porkers bring everything needed for a roasted pig, creating a worry-free experience for hosts and guests. A minimum of 40 party-goers is suggested to get the maximum value from each pig. For more information, visit their website at

About the author: Michael Achey is the owner of The Porkers, a pig roast catering company. He is an expert is the art of spit roast pig, so his tips have been tested and proven absolutely delicious!

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