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Photon Light Breath Meditation

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Author: Kirkland and Laura Ross

The Photon Light Breath Meditation is designed for all people to stand in your own power and re-member who you truly are.

"What we offer you is a powerful tool to access your own answers efficiently."

Today has been a reminder of the sands of time and its importance in our growth as beings of light. When Laura and I committed to sharing our information through meditations, we knew that it would be a new and exciting experience for both of us…and it certainly is. What we have discovered today is that we are living our purpose in the space of NOW. For us that means we live completely in the moment with trust, honor, and strength so that when time feels compressed and contracting around us we simply choose to expand our light and flow with the process. It's the greatest opportunity to stand in our power and operate from a space of love focused ever-outward.

Do you feel like you are in an hour glass and it's only a matter of time before each piece of you goes into the next phase? It appears that we are experiencing physical change more rapidly now as we get closer to the point of no return and time keeps reminding us of our choices. I have found that in order to go through that funnel or portal of time, I simply let go of my history and step into the moment of NOW. We are always at the power of choice and right now I choose to shine. The exciting part is that I get to create my next form and that excitement is what creates the photon.

Are you familiar with the science at the atomic and subatomic levels called quantum mechanics? We work with the photon which is a unit of light or "quanta". A photon is a packet of energy with very specific characteristics. They move at a constant velocity in free space with zero mass and never rest. Photons carry energy and momentum.

What appears to be complex or even unexplainable can be easily understood when seen in its simplistic parts. When we look at an object, we "see" all of the subatomic particles and the object forms. When we look away, they lose their physical forms. All of the particles that make up the objects in our lives are simulated by our self awareness, the creator. We have the ability and the power to create the world around us by design forming our reality. We are the sands of time in an hour glass forming our world moment to moment.

So, how is the photon light generated? The effect that causes an ion, molecule, or atom to release light is called spontaneous emission. This occurs when a particle is in an "excited" state. The particle will spontaneously emit a photon which reduces the particles energy to a more stable condition, or "state".

Are you open to co-creating light with us? This photon is visible only if it has an optical wavelength. Within the visible wavelength spectrum, violet and blue wavelengths are scattered more efficiently than other wavelengths. The frequency of the light makes a difference in the photoelectric effect so the higher the frequency of the photon, the higher its energy level. Therefore, these photons will have a larger field of influence than their lower-energy counterparts. For this meditation we utilize Violet Light for its efficiency and its higher frequency. Plus, it feels divine.

The highest velocity of sound is through a diamond so sound actually travels faster through a diamond than through the air. So we utilize the deep ultraviolet wavelength of Crystalline Diamond Light for its sound quality which is beyond visibility. During the meditation, The Photon Light "laser" that streams through your body is directed by the sound of the music and the sound of my voice. We expand the light by creating high frequencies of light over and over again through cloning photons with a specific purpose.

Through meditation we will guide you to look within and connect with your mind, body, and spirit to raise your vibrations to higher levels of awareness. By breathing in deep we introduce a surplus of oxygen into the body that will assist you in healing and creating powerful transformations in your life. The key is that you actually do the work by tapping into your own wealth of knowledge through your network of communications called DNA. This meditation will guide you so that internal and external distractions disappear. You will let go of "thinking" so that your inner knowing is actively participating. Simply listen and feel the light connecting with your spirit, activating your new energy codes.

What will you experience in your body during the meditation? That is up to you. Our technique introduces this very specific Photon Light into your body stimulating your Pineal gland, your Pituitary gland, your Thymus, your DNA and RNA to align your purpose to the frequencies of Love, Light, Wisdom, and Power. As you raise your vibration to higher dimensions you will have the opportunity to re-member everything that you choose to experience from any reference point in time. Whatever information or experience you choose to manifest will instantaneously form and be realized. So I invite you to choose clearly and powerfully.

Is this something you are open to experiencing right now?


About the author: In 2004, Kirkland and Laura Ross envisioned a Hologram Photon Light Sphere that surrounds the body and serves as an advanced educational tool for the mind and body to re-member everything that you choose to experience from any reference point in time.

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