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Peri-Areola Breast Lift Surgery, Is It Suitable For You?

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Author: Julie Walker

Before deciding to undergo any breast surgery, it is important to have a clear knowledge on what is to be done, the benefits, the possible risks and after effects. It is best to seek several consultations with different surgeons as different surgeons might be using different techniques, have different opinions, and will have different aesthetic preferences.

Let's look at Benelli Mastopexy (Peri-Areola breast lift) breast enhancement surgery.

Peri-Areola breast lift is one of the several techniques for breast lift whereby the scars are designed around the areola. It is useful for women with a projecting nipple/areola complex (sometimes called torpedo or missile shaped breasts), and can also be used to reduce the size of the areola at the same time.

To be suitable for Benelli Mastopexy, the patient must be in good health, and not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions.

Due to the natural stretching and sagging of the breast skin after pregnancy, it is highly recommend that the patient waits until she no longer wants to have any additional children before having the surgery.

A patient can be more satisfied with the results of the surgery if there is sufficient communication between the surgeon and the patient. It is critical to be able to voice your desires to your surgeon, so that he/she will be able to better understand your needs and create a better result that you desire.

This technique removes a donut shaped piece of tissue around the areola during the surgery, and scars are normally found around the areola. Surrounding tissues of the breasts are normally stitched to the areola. The results after the surgery will be a flatter, rounder breast. Sometimes, to compensate for the lifting effect when the breast tissues are stitched, a little more tissue is being removed above the areola.

Although there are great benefits with Benelli Mastopexy, the customers also need to understand the different risk associated with it. The risks includes the breast being asymmetry as there are no definite promises during a surgery; hyper - pigmentation could form due to bruising; hematoma and seroma could occur, which led to another/other surgeries needed for rectifying of problems. There will be an altered sensation of the nipple/areola, which are found to be temporary. In rare cases, there will be loss of blood supply to the nipple or skin sections that were reattached. Thus, needing reconstruction.

A number of online web site functions commercially, this make it possible for them not to disclose all information about the complications and risks of breast surgery. It is important to collate information from different sources as it could aid in your final decision-making.

You may want to consider and try natural breast enhancement before spending money and risks the implication going for breast enhancement surgeries.

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