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Paul's Hot Stock Picks For July16th Thru July 20th

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Author: Paul Johnson

This week's hot stock pick, Terex Corp (TEX), like Cummins (CMI), manufactures equipment for construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, and utility industries worldwide. Terex carries earnings and relative price strength readings in the high 90's according to IBD, it resides in a solid A+ rated industry group, and enjoys a B rated accumulation by institutions. We might note that even Cramer likes this stock pick, and it was up $2.32 in after hours trading.


The major market indexes— with plenty of our leading stock picks in tow— blasted higher for the 2nd straight week in a row last week. Indeed, June was marked by gloom, and the market indexes notched several distribution days, which at times cast doubts on the market's current rally. But with July, the storm clouds disappeared and leading stocks have roared higher. In fact, Thursday's big up day was the biggest up day for the Dow in years. Despite the market's success, the contrarian put-call ratio, which measures the number of bearish puts versus bullish calls shot .99 higher, on Tuesday, indicating that skeptics remain, but this skepticism is exactly what propels the market higher. When everyone's bullish, then it's time to start worrying. So all's well as we enter the heart of earnings season next week, but as always, let's see how the flow of earnings measure up to Wall Street's expectations. As for economic news, look for the New York State Empire State manufacturing index on Monday morning, the sure-to-be-closely watched producer price index (PPI), and industrial production/capacity utilization on Tuesday morning, then the very important consumer price index (CPI), building permits/housing starts, and crude oil inventories on Wednesday morning.


Leading stock picks blasted still higher last week, with some stocks moving a lot higher even before their scheduled earnings release dates. Featured stock pick China Medical (CMED), whose earnings date is long past, blasted out of its base, and zoomed almost $2 above our buy point. Stock pick Apple (AAPL) continued its current run, and now sits over $10 above our buy point. Google (GOOG) burst through our latest buy point and tacked on $12.76 for the week. Proverbial mover, Research in Motion (RIMM) tacked on another $12.01 to its recent gains last week. (BIDU) was up $15.24 for the week. Then there was stock picks like Carpenter Technology (CRS), blasting over $4 above our buy point last week and Applix (APLX), Creditcorp (BAP), Shanda Interactive (SNDA), Bankrate (RATE), Manitowoc (MTW), Mobile Telesystems (MBT) and others breaking out and/or moving higher too. As we enter the heart of earnings season, be mindful of any stocks you are currently holding, which may be due to announce, as the market can deal harshly with stocks whose earnings come up short.

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About the author: Paul Johnson is the publisher of Stock Confidential, a newsletter featuring hot stock picks that is sent via email to his subscribers every Sunday and Wednesday. Paul has also written several stock trading, real estate and internet entrepreneur ebooks.

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