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Ovarian Cysts - What Are They and What To Do

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Author: Louis Cruz

Ovarian cysts are are mainly due to an imbalance of hormones. I don't mean Menopause but an imbalance of hormones due to many life-style factors. Ovarian cysts are a common occurrence. They are mostly common during child bearing years. But ovarian cysts can become cancerous especially after menopause.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, then you may also have ovarian cysts. Ovarian Cyst Symptoms and signs are:

* pressure, swelling, or pain in the abdomen
* pelvic pain
* dull ache in the lower back and thighs
* problems passing urine completely
* pain during sex
* weight gain
* pain during your period
* abnormal bleeding
* nausea or vomiting
* breast tenderness

But of course, it is important that you understand that many woman don't present any symptoms at all! When these cysts are tiny they usually won't cause any symptoms.

Is there a way of preventing ovarian cysts? Contrary to what you have been told the answer is Yes! Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.

If you are willing to change your life-style and eating habits then you should be able to prevent ovarian cysts.

Not only are these life-style changes needed for prevention but they are also important in eliminating ovarian cysts.

Yes this is really possible. Many woman have already found relief by following these simple recommendations.

Some of the life-style changes are:

1. Avoid foods that are high in fat. Especially animal fat.
2. Eating foods in their natural state. And if possible eat organic foods.
3. Exercising at least 5 times a week.
4. Eating vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.
5. Consumie at least 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day.

You can be rid of these cysts in a short time with simples remedies and life-style changes!

Amazingly, everyone who used this method got the same results:

* Their ovarian cysts shrunk rapidly
* The unbearable pain was gone within a few short days
* None of them had to go through the frightening surgery that was so easy for their doctors to recommend
* No one who followed the program ever experience a single cyst again

Now there are exceptions where this method may not help. Surgery is usually required for dermoid ovarian cysts. Also if you have any of the symptoms below you should then see a doctor because they may indicate a medical emergency:

If you have these symptoms, get help right away:

* pain with fever and vomiting
* sudden, severe abdominal pain
* faintness, dizziness, or weakness
* rapid breathing

Don't wait for these ovarian cysts to really get out of hand! Your health can get better if you want to.

About the author: Louis Cruz is a naturopathic practitioner licensed in Washington DC. Has been working in the health field for over 20 years.

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