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Author: Sjoerd Eisma

I adore this time of the year! The weeks before Christmas have a special feel of their own and I just can't wait to go hunting for presents for the whole family. When time is precious and the crowds fill the stores, what better way than to shop from the comfort of your own home by browsing the web. There is a wealth of Christmas presents on the Internet, with many sites offering good deals. We must remember that there are still birthdays to be celebrated at this time of year and other special occasions and I have made a selection offering ideas for all sorts of gifts. But also for other occasions I have found a lot of ideas for nice gifts. I have made a small selection to give you an idea:

Your name is a gift

My young kids love puzzles. A great personalized gift for a kid is a puzzle with their name. I have already given these to my kids and their friends so I know they are a big hit. People love to see their names on presents. In my father's family it is a tradition to give a silver soup spoon to the newborn babies with their names engraved on it. We used to hang them in the kitchen and visitors would always comment on how special such a gift is.

Put your gifts in a basket

Gift baskets are very popular. There are simply tons of websites where you can choose gift baskets for any occasion, from birthdays and baby showers to wedding anniversaries and job promotions. It is an ideal way to present various little gifts and most people like to unpack several small presents. While gift baskets make wonderful presents, they can be very expensive and tend not to be very personal. That's why I enjoy putting together my own custom gift baskets for friends and family. And, of course, I shop online to find the gifts to fill my basket.

Unique gifts are a treasure

My wife always keeps a box full of unique gifts she finds on the web in a special box. She orders these gifts from all over the world and when it is somebody's birthday or wedding anniversary she will remember the special treasure box and will get one of her special gifts out. Sometimes it is a piece of nice jewelry, all the way from India, or a present for a child which isn't available where we live. The Internet gives you access to all sorts of unusual and, often, hand-made presents.

Wacky gifts for golfers

It is easy to please golfing friends. They always need golf balls and you can buy cheap but good quality lake balls everywhere. I once received a golden tee, with my name engraved in it, from a friend and have always cherished it. Golf club money clips are also popular with golfers. A friend of ours, a keen golfer of course, once gave his wife a pair of sterling silver golf bag earrings. Some might call that tacky, but she loved them!

About the author: Sjoerd Eisma is an experienced entrepreneur who has created several websites to target popular subjects. His major drive is to direct visitors to the best results in a specific area. Visit the Online Gift Shop to get more ideas for gifts. For business opportunities visit his blog at

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