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Organizing Without Going Physical And Emotionally Bankrupt

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Author: Marilyn Bohn

A few years ago on a Monday night I was giving my 10 year old daughter instructions on cleaning her room. I was pointing out the clothes and nick nacks that needed to be put away, where to put them and how to organize the room. I was going a mile a minute just picturing the progress she would make with my expert advice when she said to me "MOM, ISN'T THERE A TUESDAY?"

That brought me up short. I didn't know what she meant until I stopped to think what she was saying. When we get an idea that we are going to organize and everything will be perfect right now, —remember the saying: "Rome wasn't built in a day"—we don't need to get everything de-cluttered and organized in one day.

It is an important step in organizing anything, a room, a closet, a desk, an office, shelves, attic, or garage, or other places we realize it is important that first comes chaos during the organizing process. When looking at the project it may feel overwhelming but realizing physically things will purposefully be undone and many times emotionally we will be undone and there will be chaos, but when focusing on the goal we can be sure it will all be organized and something better will have been accomplished. It shows something new is being created in your life. Remember the Phoenix was burnt to ashes? Out of the ashes it was reborn.

When doing many ordinary tasks first comes chaos. For Example: Take clothes shopping for instance. By searching through racks and stacks of clothes, discarding many and trying on others; we eventually find what we want and then purchase them. Once home it is necessary to sort through the bags and separate the clothes in piles according to the person they were intended for. These will then be taken to their rooms to be put away. The shopping experience went from chaos to organization.

For people who sew or quilt first comes organized chaos. There is the process of selecting the fabric among a plethora of bolts of fabric, finding the right pattern, gathering the necessary supplies, cutting the fabric into pieces, then sewing it all back together to make a beautiful quilt. This beautiful work of art started in creative chaos.

When students are studying for a test it first starts with chaos. There are books to read, notes to refer back to, study groups to attend and organizing of thoughts. Then comes the test and it all comes together.

By taking things one step at a time we will accomplish what we want to accomplished and be organized with the least amount of stress. Remembering that first comes chaos both physically and emotionally but out of this will rise calm, peace and a sense of accomplishment.

When tackling a room, a box, the kitchen cupboards, or the closet that will hardly close just remember there IS a Tuesday and by starting with one thing at a time, realizing out of chaos comes beauty organizing will be a rewarding and less stressful.

About the author: Marilyn Bohn's Bio

Marilyn is a creative organizer who has been organizing for over 20 years. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Organizer. Professionally she has been organizing homes and offices for over two years. She holds a bachelors degree in Social Work. She has reared five daughters and currently lives in Utah.

Go to her website where you can find free organizing tips, interesting blogs and more helpful articles on organizing.

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