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Online Dating-Is She Playing You?

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Author: Vivian Johnson

Nothing is worse than feeling like a fool. Offline, we can "check up" on our love interest.

When she said she took the day off because she was sick, we can always drive by her place and make sure the car is there.

But online, we pretty much have to take people at their word.

However, there are a few things we can avoid online, to reduce the chances of being played:

Before you even know her favorite color, she has a financial emergency.

It usually starts with needing her phone bill paid. (You would have an interest in this...just imagine, if she had no phone you couldn't talk to her!)

Next, it's car repairs. (If her car isn't repaired, she will lose her job. In your mind, you would rather pay for her car repair. If she loses her job, she will need rent, utilities, bill money, etc.)

Now we are on to day care. The child support check is late. She will pay you back as soon as it comes, but for now she wants you to wire money for day care. You have no doubt you will be repaid immediately. (Even though you haven't been fully repaid for the phone bill and the car repairs.)

Don't kid yourself: do not make a second loan, if the first one hasn't been repaid in full.

Simply say:"I really don't feel comfortable loaning you additional money, when you haven't repaid the first one." (Her next move will let you know if she is playing you.)

If she stops emailing you...stops returning your phone calls, you were getting paid. Be thankful you only loaned her money for her phone bill. Consider it a small investment to protect your financial future!

I know all women online are not out to play you. But, you don't want to go into a brand new online relationship with your wallet wide open.

About the author: Vivian Johnson

I have been involved in online dating since it's inception!

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