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Online Dating Secrets Every Over-40 Single Must Know!

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Author: Dirk Storm

So you are over 40 and looking for love. You are not alone. There are many over 40 singles who are searching for love and companionship. But many feel that the old ways they used to meet people, i.e. bars and nightclubs, are just no good anymore. Those are for teens.

So how do you meet people easily and effectively? There are many ways but one of the best ways is online. Fire up your computer with a good internet connection and join one of the many sites that cater to the over 40 singles crowd. That way you'll know that you are not wasting time on people who are not right for you.

Create Your Profile

First, create an honest profile for yourself. This may seem obvious but it is worth giving this some thought or even getting a friend to help you. You want someone to fall in love with who you are, because if you put out a false front, well, it's bound to come out anyway. Be honest right from the start so you are more efficient in the online dating process.

To create a good profile, get to know yourself. Ask yourself some searching questions: Who are you? What do you like and don't like? What has worked for you in past relationships and what has not? What do you find attractive? What personality types do you enjoy? Think about your past and then put out there who you are and what you really want. The gurus say: Ask for what you want! So does the bible (Ask and you shall receive.)

Also, be clear about why you are joining, the type of relationship you are looking for, and what kind of partner you need. This will help other members find you faster when they are on the site looking for a love match.

Create a list of traits you are looking for in a potential mate, then begin searching. This will help you locate mates who you are most likely to get along with, and who share the same interests and desires that you do.

Write a Note

I suggest that you don't use the quick 'flirting' type buttons when you like someone. Why not take a minute and write them a nice note saying you liked their profile and you hope they can check out your profile. Make it personal! People love to be noticed! Compliment them on their photo if you like…if there is one thing that people like is compliments.

Write to as many singles as you like and wait to see who writes back. Keep at it. Be consistent. Go online at the site every night if you can and see who is new. You will find it a fun and easy process and a great way to meet a potential love match!

Dating Over 40

Dating over 40 can be fun and exhilarating if you know how to do it. As a relationship expert, I have created a list of the 25 most important facts about dating over 40 you must know. It's free to look! You can find them at the site: There is always something to learn, so check it out soon. Best of luck in your search!

About the author: Dirk Storm is a relationship expert. Visit where you will discover proven dating tips for singles over 40.

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