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No Magic, Just Business

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Author: Jillian Middleton

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I started this article with a note from Bonnie Hersey because I want to make the point that it isn't magic that makes a network marketing business work. What makes a business work (network marketing or any business) are good foundational business tools. Bonnie calls them "Savvy Sponsoring simple but direct concepts" and she's absolutely correct.

So many times people come to me hoping for the "magic words" to get everyone to say "Yes." But the big truth is there are no magic words. There are excellent simple tools that make every working day productive.

But if that's true, why do so many people seem to struggle in Network Marketing? Why does network marketing have the less than stellar reputation it has? I think the reason for that is we are often our own worst enemy. Here's why.

In everything I do my underlying goal is to get you to move into strong entrepreneurial thinking. But I run into a fair amount of resistance because of the notion that we don't want to be like Corporate America. Somehow the idea that running your home business like a real business translated into "being Corporate America."

Beware of this. Be really careful if you're a Corporate America ex-patriot or if you just repeated the phrase "not like Corporate America" that you don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Here's what I mean.

I made my mind up when I was 23 (a lot of years ago) I didn't ever want to be a part of Corporate America again. I didn't want someone else to determine my future or tell me when to work or when not to work. So I started out on my entrepreneurial path. But that didn't mean that I jettisoned good solid business foundations. I just jettisoned the jerks and the nonsense rules.

Do you see the difference? All businesses need good foundational business tools. And I mean all businesses. That includes knowing when you're going to show up for work and when the workday ends. You need to have real brick and mortar business hours. The difference now; it is your business, you determine those hours.

You also determine the hours you spend with your family - away from the business. None of this constant double tasking with the phone stuck to your ear. Or being like Pavlov's dog and answering the phone every time it rings. (Think about that for a minute. Is the business you're in so life-threatening you need to respond immediately every time the phone rings? And yes there are ways to create these boundaries without your team falling apart. In fact it will make it stronger.)

Now that you determine your future it means having a clear idea of exactly what it is you're going to do in the time that makes you money. Those activities (I call them money making activities) typically come out of a financial projection each month. Yes, I know Corporate America has a plan, map, goals but that's not a good enough reason to jettison them - not if you want your business to grow.

First you determine what kind of volume you need to generate in order to make the money you want to make. And then you determine the exact activity you need to do in order to make the money. This may sound difficult but that's only because you don't know the simple steps that Bonnie now has under her belt. Anyone can learn to do this.

What we don't have to do that Corporate America typically does, is turn your working environment into a dog eat dog competitive arena with our focus on results results results. Do you see the difference? Keep reading for a more clear idea.

There are ways to have good strong challenging financial goals and enjoy the process of each day as we walk through our daily lives. Don't believe me? Read Bonnie's note again. It all depends where your focus is. Just because we have a financial goal and the activity lined out to get to that goal, doesn't mean we need to make ourselves nuts or put high pressure on ourselves (or our team) to achieve the financial results.

If this sounds like the kind of business you'd like to run:

1. Simple sound business foundations for you and your team. You start every recruit using these foundations the day they sign up. (Think about that for a minute. Every person you start begins their business with the right tools to make their business productive, enjoyable and fulfilling from the get-go. In fact they are in money making activity within the first 24 to 48 hours they come into your business. No more burnout. No more pushing them into action or trying to keep them in action. It's just natural!)

2. A friendly calendar that gives you time for you, your family and your business. How would your team like that?

3. Financial goals centered around easy to accomplish money making activity. Do I hear cheers? ;-)

4. All the emphasis on how you're doing the activity rather than your results. The pressure is off and the real magic can take place. Yes this means having fun and learning while doing your business.

STOP here a moment to reflect on that. If your emphasis is on learning and having fun with everything you do in your business (or your life for that matter) what do you think happens to the results? Do they go up or down? Let's see, you're having fun and you're learning. Is that a combination for success for failure? How attractive is that? Would you like to learn how do to that?

About the author

Jillian Middleton is a Mentor Coach, Trainer, and author of the courses '5 Steps to Working Less and Making Money in Network Marketing', 'Setting Up Your Store Hours' and 'Design Your Calendar'. As creator of the 'Savvy Sponsoring Strategies' Program, Jillian trains network marketers and direct sales consultants the same strategies she used to build two 6-figure network marketing businesses in 5 years. For more details go to:

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