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Natural Treatment For Stress & Anxiety - Cardiovascular Exercises

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Author: Ian Spencer

The cardiovascular exercises consist of extreme strenuous routines, which are aimed to get your heart pumping hard to burn calories and bust out stress from your system. Some common cardiovascular exercises are aerobics, hard running, elliptical machine exercises, walking briskly, and stair stepping and cycling among others. If you are worried about your knees, you could choose the treadmill and/or the elliptical machine, which is not as harsh on the joints, but just as effective.

For best effect, the cardiovascular exercises need to be performed in the morning before your breakfast. Because of the strenuous nature of the exercise, there would a flood of endorphins into your blood, which would mean you would stay happy and positively energized throughout the day. What better way to fight anxiety than this?

The cardios as these exercises are otherwise known increase your metabolic rate and burn a huge number of calories while side by side releases stress from your system. With stress out, there is little or no scope for anxiety attacks. Gradually you will find that the symptoms of anxiety have abated and after a while completely disappear. This is an exceptional antidote for the time when you feel an anxiety attack building up within you. A couple of days with cardiovascular exercises, and your anxiety attack will be long forgotten.

Remember, never to do cardios after food or before bedtime. These exercises are meant to wake your system up and eliminate fatigue from the body. Therefore, these are best done in the morning on an empty stomach as mentioned earlier.

When you consider that stress is the root-cause of most of the modern day diseases including anxiety and depression, exercise is the universal antidote. The Holy Bible said that in order to live a long and good life, man (to be read as human beings) would need to have the sweat from his brow drop on his feet. In other words, the Good Book says that human beings need to stay active not only mentally, but also physically. Modern medical science advocates the same thing.

We do not have much to do physically today thanks to the advancement in technology. However, we are forewarned that without exercise our bodies would fall into a condition of irreparable damage.

Use exercises to fight dissolve stress and control anxiety and depression. The day you allow exercise in your life, anxiety would take your leave.

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