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My Advice On Getting Over A Break Up

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Author: Nikki Frost

Experiencing break up can be very painful. It is not strange to have such strong emotions after a break up, but it is what makes us human. We have all gone through some sort of a breakup in our lives. And it is the steps we take in getting over a break up that determines our ability to move on and be happy again. Here are 4 such steps:

1 - It Is Nobody's Fault:

The first step in getting over a breakup, is accepting that it was nobody's fault. So stop pointing the finger of blame, because neither you nor your ex is blame. Blaming each other will only make you feel more hurt and resentment, and reduce your chances of ever being friends with your ex lover.

You should be getting over a breakup in a positive way by accepting that there were problems in the relationship. And that by staying together, you would have denied each other from finding true happiness with someone else.

2. Feel Your Emotions:

Secondly, in getting over a breakup, you need to feel every emotion. We do not mean you should wallow in self pity for days on end, but rather come to grips as to why you feel the way you do. The worst thing you could do is deny your feelings and try to bottle them up inside. Those feelings will come out eventually, but it will take you longer to deal with them later on.

What you should be doing is finding a positive way to feel and express your emotions. And against to what you may think, crying is very good for you. It is a very healthy way of getting those feeling out and dealing with a break up. This brings us to our next step.

3 - Do Not Hurt Others:

After the break up, you could be feeling hurt, sad, and very angry at what your ex supposedly did to you. This does not mean you should taking your anger out on them or anyone else. If you recall, nobody is to blame for the break up, so it does not give you the right to hurt anyone else. Instead, let go of that frustration by telling a close friend what you are going through, or simply scream into your pillow. Dealing with it properly will really help you in getting over a break up.

Even if your ex cheated on you and really hurt you, do not stoop to their level and try to get back at them. You will look like the weak, pathetic one, and you will most probably regret it. If you are serious about dealing with a break up and getting over your intense feelings, then you need to understand that the relationship is over, and there is nothing you can do to rectify it.

4. Keep Your Hopes Up:

The fourth step in getting over a break up, is to stay positive and keep your hopes up. Just because your previous relationship failed, it does not mean you will never have a fulfilling one again. Just remember the fact that your soul mate is still out there waiting to meet you. So keep your hopes up and you will find it easier to let go and move on.

About the author: Nikki Frost is an expert in relationship and break up advice. If you are keen on Getting Over A Break Up and being happy again, then she highly suggests you get The Magic Of Making Up - a guide that has helped thousands of people come to grips with a break up and move on.

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