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More Than Just A Small Piece of Paper

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Author: Lynne Saarte

Whether you use them as reply cards, notices, announcements, newsletters, or even greeting cards, your color postcards have many benefits compared to other marketing collaterals.

As a matter of fact, your postcard is more than just a small piece of paper. It is a strong little piece of print marketing material that gets your message to your target clients without having to spend so much on postcard printing and even mailing.

With your postcard design and message already there in plain sight, your target clients are more than likely to read them. No more envelopes to open before they could even get a glimpse of your first sentence. What's more, your color postcards are more convenient to fill out and return than any other need-response forms.

Postcard printing have been very valuable in more ways than I can count. In many aspects, custom postcard designs can be used to complement other promotional materials such as newsletters, magazines and other published periodicals. They can also be made to support order sheets and subscription forms for any type of merchandise.

Postcards can even be made to become newsletters themselves with articles and features that could really entertain your target clients. They can also enhance and emphasize your call-to-action in your surveys, notices and announcements.

To optimize your results from these marketing postcards, here are some of the techniques that can be applied to your print postcards:

Provide a prepaid return postage. Make it easy for your readers to respond to your call-to-action. If you need them to fill up and return your form, then pay for the postage yourself.

Pre-addressed card or envelope. And don't make your audience look for your address. If you can provide a prepaid return postage, you definitely can also include a return pre-addressed return card or an envelope, if you happen to have one.

Colored paper. Instead of paying for a more expensive full color postcard, cut costs by using colored paper. They usually attract attention, more than the usual white paper.

Quick-fill order forms. Not only should you have plenty of room to fill in the necessary information from your target clients (e.g. name, address, phone number, etc.), your color postcards should also have easy-to-answer forms or surveys. You can always use tick-boxes for filling out the forms.

FREE. People are generally attracted to anything they can acquire for free. If you want your readers to return your custom postcards immediately, include free gifts or prizes that they can have in exchange.

Consistency. Whatever marketing campaign or message you have in your print postcards. Be sure to repeat them in the rest of your marketing collaterals. Consistency is the key to get your readers to remember you.

The last time I looked, my custom postcards were able to have the results I wanted. I hope your color postcards would be as successful.

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