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Mobility Scooter Buying Guide.

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Author: Michiel Van Kets

One of the first decisions you need to make when deciding on which mobility scooter is best for you is a simple and straightforward question of how many wheels you would like your scooter to have. The traditional three wheeled scooter provides excellent maneuverability and is generally smaller and lighter which many people prefer for home use and travelability. On the other hand a four-wheel scooter is decidedly more stable which many users find gives them psychological comfort in addition to being more safe on uneven surfaces such as lawns, streets and roads.

Knowing how transportable your scooter needs to be will help with your decision of which unit to buy. Many scooters are designed for travel being lightweight and collapsible so as to assist in the packing of the scooter in a car trunk. If you are planning to travel with your scooter you should look for one of these models which will save you pain and frustration when it comes time to pack up and go.

It is important to know if your scooter will be for mainly indoor or outdoor use. As we said before three wheeled scooters provide a slimmer profile into the kind of maneuverability one would desire for moving around a small home. For active users who plan on using their scooters outdoors and on natural surfaces such as grass a four-wheel scooter is the right choice. This is not to say that a four-wheel scooter cannot be used in the home, as there are plenty of four-wheel models appropriate for home use. Deciding whether your main usage of the scooter will be indoor or outdoor also requires that you consider the various aspects of your home in order to assure the scooter you purchase will be able to give you the appropriate access you need and desire. Doing a assessment of your home prior to purchasing a scooter is a must. Measuring the width of doors and hallways will let you know the maximum width and desired turning radius of the scooter he will eventually purchase. Failing to do so may cause frustration and make you feel as though parts of your home are inaccessible or difficult to approach.

Now that you've assessed your home it is time to make an assessment of your personal needs. Scooters, like automobiles come with different capacities in different engines strengths. Knowing how much weight you expect your scooter to reasonably carry is an important factor in deciding the strength of your model. Keep in mind factors including, but not limited to, body weight, medical accessories (such as oxygen tanks), pets and shopping bags when tabulating the desired carrying capacity of your mobility scooter.

Next it is important to consider the speed of your mobility scooter. While most scooters do not travel much faster than 8 mph the difference between 4 and 8 mph can for some mobility scooter users seem vast. If speed is of no concern to you the average 4 mph is more than adequate for travel around the home, along sidewalks and in public places. If you plan on using your mobility scooter on the road the 8 mph speed limit not only makes their journeys shorter but is safer additionally.

Once the technical specifications have been decided upon now it is time to consider factors in comfort and convenience. The variety of mobility scooters available is the only surpassed by the variety of options based on personal preference. This seat is probably foremost among these choices as it is the number one factor in your comfort while you are using your mobility scooter. Do not be shy about trying all the seating options you need to find the perfect comfort level for yourself. Once you're satisfied with your seat selection other customizable options such as lights, horn, storage and baskets, and other decorative choices are completely up to your personal preference.

Of course, possibly the defining factor in your choice of mobility scooter will ultimately be budget. However mobility scooter salesman and companies are able to work with almost any budget and will endeavor to make sure you get the mobility scooter of your choosing.

About the author: Michiel Van Kets writes articles for, Shoprider-Mobility-Scooters_Catalog-1.aspx?mid=14 an online retailer of mobility scooters from major brands including Pride, Roma TGA and NHC Royale scooter. If you are looking for a value for money option, go for the Shoprider scooters range.

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