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MLM Lead Generation - Easy Way to Generate MLM Leads

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Author: Joshua Fuson

MLM lead generation is a subject that confuses many distributors. If a rep has been in an MLM company for more than 30 days, they know they need some sort of plan to find more people to talk to than just their friends and family members. Many reps resort to cold-calling "opportunity" leads, chasing strangers in the street, and harassing "prospects" that they meet at the mall.

A simple alternative is to generate your own leads.

To do this, you simply make an offer for information that relates to what you are promoting and direct call-to-action for someone to respond.

There are several mediums in which to do this - online video, pay-per-click advertising, offline advertising, banner advertising, etc. Let's just look at one simple example.

Say you market a health and wellness product that helps reduce joint pain. You can take an advertisement out in a local paper that says: "New Discovery Reveals How To Reduce Joint Pain By 85% WITHOUT Medication - Call For A Free Report". Now, for the people that respond, you know several things, including:

1. They have joint pain - an ailment that your product helps

2. They don't want to take medication

3. They are interested RIGHT NOW

Now, you simply present your solution to their problem, and it's a done deal. And - it's a simple bet to weave your opportunity into the process. As you are signing them up, you simply ask them "If I could show you how to get this product for free, would you have an interest in that?"

Now - since they responded to an offer for something for free, what are the chances they will want to take you up on your offer to get the product or service for free?

Very high.

This is one simple way to expand beyond your warm market effectively - all without violating any of your companies policies or procedures.

About the author: Joshua Fuson is a professional marketer, and has participated in the generation of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone. To find out more about Josh, see The Truth On MLM at

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