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Minimise Theft with CCTV Equipment

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Author: Kathryn Dawson

Security cameras are used in all kinds of locations and situations and we are so used to them that we often don't even realize we are being watched. Generally facilitated for security they have many other advantages, including identification purposes if there should be a break-in, and as evidence for criminal activities.

If you run a store then at some point you will have had to deal with shoplifters, whether they are kids or adults. There's not that much you can do about them, apart from try to deter them in the first place or catch them at the job. People will go to all kinds of lengths to get what they want, so the best thing to do is try and encourage them to go elsewhere, and you can do this by changing the layout of your store and with a good quality CCTV system.

To start with you need to either erase altogether, or minimize, the blind spots in your store, these are the areas where customers can't be seen by staff and where goods can be secreted away until their accomplice returns to pick them up later. Ensure staff are able to see down each aisle and use mirrors effectively so every corner and alcove is in view. Security cameras are essential if you want to cover a large area as employees can't be watching the shop floor all the time. Shoplifters will be aware of the busy periods when the shop is full, or may use accomplices to attract employees attention, whilst they help themselves to your goods.

CCTV equipment doesn't have to be an expensive option, you can even use dummy cameras in certain places just to deter shoplifters, and they will never know the difference. If you are on a tight budget at the moment then invest in a basic model - think how much money it will save you in the long term. There are various security packages available at reasonable prices, the models offering high-tech features will invariably cost you more than just a basic package.

The other main advantage to installing CCTV equipment is that if you do catch anyone stealing goods you can then use it as evidence for the police or in a court case. The culprit is there on film and can't deny it. Don't think you have to hide away your cameras, if shoplifters are aware of them they may just move on to another store and not bother with yours anymore. Put them right out there to be seen, and even post signs to tell people of their presence.

Installing cameras works out much cheaper than hiring security guards or extra sales staff and is just as effective. Also it gives you 24 hour surveillance which is recorded to a DVR, with systems fully automated there really is nothing for you to do unless you are required to view the footage for a particular reason. CCTV security systems will protect against intruders, shoplifters, dishonest staff, and vandals.

Installing a CCTV camera has lots of benefits as it also provides an indiscreet way to keep an eye on your staff, and protect them in the workplace. If there are any harassment issues, or belongings going missing, the recordings can be viewed to hopefully throw some light on the matter. The same goes if there is an issue with a customer regarding payment, the footage can be looked at to try and clear things up.

Where to place your cameras is essential if you want the premises to be fully protected. Place them at all the entranceways, pointing at the cash desks and any blind spots in the store. Use dummy ones at other points just for show. You may also think about placing a few cameras outside the premises, particularly if you have a car park that is quiet or isolated, it can be used to protect both employees and your customers against an attack or damage to their vehicles. Cameras are weatherproof and with a wide range you will have a good view of the surrounding areas.

Look online for professional companies that supply reliable CCTV camera systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms and access control system.

About the author: Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Traders Warehouse, a leading supplier of a choice of CCTV equipment which includes wireless CCTV cameras. Browse their selection of intruder alarms and kits to find the best systems for whatever your requirements may be.

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