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Mini-Guide to Boston, Massachusetts

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Affectionately called the "Hub of the Universe", Boston is home to both the World Champion New England Patriots and the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox. Brimming with the history of how America was forged, Boston invites you to walk the Freedom Trail, where you can witness firsthand the actual areas where America's freedom was established and its liberty ensured.

Also while you're in the area, stop by the Boston National Park visitor's center. Pick up a couple of maps and ask the rangers about some of Boston's historical attractions. You never know what you might learn.

Well known for fostering a culture of educational rigor and controversy, from Oliver Wendell Holmes to John F. Kennedy, the auspicious streets of Boston are lined with some hallmarks of national education, including Tufts University, Harvard, Northeastern, and, if you cross the bridge over to Cambridge, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The city offers a wide array of nationally-renowned museums to pique your curiosity in a multitude of artistic and cultural perspectives.

For those looking for a quieter moment, one can find time to delight in the Public Gardens or walk along the Charles River, and for the more adventurous, the city's famous Duck Tours lie only minutes away. From diners to gourmet restaurants, Boston presents an eclectic selection of food and drink, but no stay would be complete without stopping by Fanueil Hall for some homemade Boston Baked Beans.

Across the street from America's Most Beloved Ballpark Fenway Park, the Boston Beer Works presents a collection of homebrewed beers guaranteed to tantalize even the most discriminating beer lover's palate, but no trip would be complete without taking a tour of the brewery that produces Boston's most famous and best-loved beer, Samuel Adams!

So if you're looking for a bit of history, or a bit of excitement, take a trip to this exciting city, and find out why Boston is called the hub of the universe!

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