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Marketing Definitions In The Raw

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Author: George Torok

Marketing has become a cult. It is rife with mysterious terms, magic powder and self-anointed gurus. Use this list of definitions to better understand the terminology and refute some of the ridiculous statements of the high priests. Warning: some of these definitions might offend some people. The opinions expressed are those of the author.


Marketing is about sending messages. Everything you do or don't do sends a marketing message. The purpose of marketing is to help you sell more.

Permission Marketing

This term was made famous by Seth Godin. The opposite of permission marketing is interruption marketing - which according to Seth has been the standard marketing practice of the past century. Permission marketing simply means asking if your audience is interested before you speak.

Social Marketing

Social marketing (also called cause marketing) has been around for decades. It breaks down into two versions: business marketing that piggy backs on a social issue, and marketing to promote a social issue. Examples of the issues include the environment, equal rights, poverty, animal rights, community, children, health...

Network Marketing

Network marketing was the renaming of multi-level marketing made famous by Amway. What was once called multi-level marketing became network marketing. It has little to do with networking. And they keep changing the term to ward off the stigma that seems to quickly attach itself. It is probably called something else now.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is the high-priced label given to the task of finding out what people really want and what do about it. It means asking good questions, listening and taking accurate notes.

Marketing Guru

Someone who wrote a book or several articles about marketing and charges you a lot of money to tell you what to do with your marketing. If you invested enough time and thought, you would probably figure it out on your own.

Marketing Company

Often just an advertising agency. They used to proudly call themselves ad agencies. Maybe they want to feel and project more value with the marketing label. They still create and sell you ads. Some of them help you get media exposure. Those are usually called PR firms. (Public relations)

Viral Marketing

Cool name. Like a virus - it has a life of its own. It means marketing that others do for you. It means "other people talking about you."

Guerilla Marketing

A term made famous by Jay Conrad Levinson. The idea is based on guerilla warfare - when a force that is inferior in size and resources can beat a vastly superior opponent with the use of creativity, flexibility and focus.

Monkey Marketing

If gorillas can market then why not monkeys? Some folks market like monkeys - just screeching, eating bananas and moving on when they get bored.

Amoeba Marketing

Strip away the nonsense and follow the simple basics. What could be simpler than an amoeba? More business owners need to simplify their marketing process.

Online Marketing

Any marketing that you do on the Internet.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is everything else. Do you remember before the Internet? The offline world is still around and very important.

Offside Marketing

Happens when the marketing department gets out of control and chases marketing awards instead of focusing on the business needs. Maybe this should be a firing offense. Just ask Donald Trump.

Marketing Department

In many corporations they are composed of graphic designers who create and/or buy ads.

Marketing Budget

Often a number you are too embarrassed to reveal. (Unless you are Coke or Nike)

Marketing Degree

It might just be a worthless piece of paper, unless you want to work in a corporate marketing department or a marketing company. (See above definitions) Also valuable to help you become a marketing professor - so you can teach the same useless textbook lies to others.

Learn those definitions and study for the exam.

About the author: George Torok is the co-author of the bestselling, Secrets of Power Marketing. It is the first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Get your free copy of "50 Power Marketing Ideas" at Arrange for a marketing speech, executive briefing or training program at For media interviews call 905-335-1997

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