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Making Time for Your Friends

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Author: Catherine Trebble

Friends are central to our lives. Not only can we talk to our friends about things that we sometimes can't talk to our spouses about, friends offer support when we need it and provide companionship.

It can be very easy to forget to make time for your friends once you get married, have kids and work a job on top of all that. Sometimes it's hard enough to find time for your family and yourself, let alone your friends. And it's not that we ever really mean for this to happen either. Life just has a way of being so busy these days-it's no wonder our friends sometimes get moved to last on our list of priorities. This can be even more of a problem when we set out to work on new career goals.

But think about it for a moment-a friend is someone who was once a stranger that you made a special connection with. That's special! It doesn't happen every day or with everyone you come across. So the fact that you were able to establish a friendship with someone who was once a stranger to you is a great and wonderful thing. This is why it's important to find time for your friends.

Making time for friends can be as simple as calling them on the phone for a chat every now and then. This lets them know that they are in your thoughts and that they are important to you. Little gestures such as sending your friends a card in the mail, remembering their birthday, and lending them a helping hand every now and then are also ways you can make time for your friends.

Setting up a girls night out with friends is also important to do every now and then. Not only does this help maintain your friendship, it also creates a great opportunity for you and your friend or friends to relax and have some fun. Whether you go to the movies, meet for dinner, go dancing, or have a pajama party and drink margaritas, spending time together is a great way to unwind, reconnect, and be reminded of why it's so great to be a woman.

Keep in mind that friends are special and a very important part of our lives, no matter if they're someone we just connected with or a lifelong friend from childhood. So take time to find a way to include them in the balance of your life-especially the ones who make great margaritas!

About the author: Copyright (c) 2010 Catherine Trebble. All Rights Reserved.

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