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Maintenance Advice for New Tires and Used Truck Tires in Tampa FL

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Author: Chris Lontok

The level of care required for either used truck tires or new tires for a car is just exactly the same. There should be no difference in your commitment to compliance with proper maintenance procedures. This is necessary if you wish to lengthen the life span of your tires. As you well know, you cannot consider either new car tires or used truck tires as cheap tires. Actually, even if you choose to buy retread used truck tires you will still have to pay quite a large sum of money. Still, you are advised not to resort to buying dirt cheap tires even if you find these. They are usually used tires that had not undergone remanufacturing and can not be guaranteed. They may, therefore, endanger you as you drive in Tampa FL.

There is quite a significant difference between the price of used truck tires and the price of new tires, though, especially for vehicles owners who are on a tight budget. Because of this, a lot of consumers these days opt to purchase used truck tires in lieu of new tires. You have to be very careful, however, in buying used truck tires or else you could fall prey to shady suppliers who sell used truck tires that should no longer be used in Tampa FL or anywhere else.

You should purchase only used truck tires that are vouched for as retread used truck tires by reputable dealers. They should be sold to you with full warranties. If the reliability of the supplier is in question, the used truck tires they peddle may not be retread but could instead have been sourced from vehicles on the way to demolition. You may have thought that you have saved a lot but it will actually cost more if your tires give way while you are on the streets of Tampa FL.

One of the main tire maintenance procedures you should comply with is tire balancing. It should be automatically done after every tire remounting. If your tires are not balanced they will have a shorter life span. They will also cause vibration or shimmying as you drive.

Another important tire maintenance procedure is wheel alignment. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the proper angles for the vehicle wheels in the owner's manual. Misaligned wheels cause uneven wear on tires. Misaligned wheels also cause the vehicle to pull to one side instead of running straight when driven.

Regular tire rotation is also required in proper tire maintenance because the front tires of a vehicle get more wear than the rear tires. To ensure even wear and tear, the front and rear tires have to be exchanged after certain time intervals.

Proper tire maintenance also includes ensuring proper tire inflation all the time. The required tire pressure for each of the front and rear tires of a vehicle are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the owner's manual. Whenever the tires are rotated, tire inflation should automatically be checked and corrected if necessary. Tire inflation should likewise be checked frequently even between tire rotations to take care of tiny leaks that not easily noticeable. It should be kept in mind that over inflated tires and under inflated tires both get uneven wear that makes them more prone to damage. Over inflated tires get more worn down the center while under inflated tires get more worn down their outer edges.

Proper use of the vehicle should also be taken as part of proper tire maintenance. This means avoiding overloading the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer indicates the maximum load allowable for the tires in the owner's manual. This should never be exceeded lest the tires get blown out. Proper driving is also required because tires can be damaged by speeding, fast starts, fast turns, skids, panic stops, driving over potholes and driving on the edge of pavements.

All these maintenance efforts will lengthen the life of your new car tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL.

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