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Los Angeles chain accidents: Cause and Prevention l

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Author: Mark Dacanay

Chain accidents or multiple vehicle collisions refer to road accidents that involve many vehicles. Most of the time, this type of road accident occurs in high speed roads like freeways and highways which Los Angeles has an abundance of.

Los Angeles chain accidents are very common compared to other cities in the United States because of the speedy roads and freeways. With some roads no longer maintained in top condition, chain accidents are often inevitable.

Causes of major chain accidents

It is much more difficult to investigate the cause of chain accidents because of the number of vehicles involved. Add to that the extent of damage it produces, sometimes it is nearly impossible to trace the root of what started the chain accident.

The most common causes of chain accidents are the following:

Poor weather conditions - Most chain accidents are a result of poor visibility because of fog or rains. In addition, rains and snows also make the roads slippery.

Poor road conditions - Some of the roads, highways and freeways are no longer in top condition. In 2007, it is said that the 35 vehicle chain accident that happened in Interstate 5 was caused by poor road condition and low visibility.

DUI - Alcohol coupled with high speed cars almost always ends up in disaster.

Over Speeding - Most truck drivers that have been involved in chain accidents have at least one speeding conviction. Higher speeds equals to less controls.

This is most especially true for larger vehicles like trucks and buses.

Disobeying traffic rules - Most road accidents are caused by reckless drivers who do not follow even the simplest rule of not beating the red light. By not respecting other vehicles right of way, reckless drivers increase the possibility of chain accidents.


There are a number of things you can do to reduce the chances of being involved in a major chain accident.

You can follow these tips before and while you're driving:

Check weather conditions - Check if the routes you will be using had events of high fog volume or heavy rain or snow.

Check road conditions - Check for repairs or any damage on the road like potholes or open manholes. Report them if possible.

Keep speed under the limit - Speed limits are there for a reason. These limits are what the government deems as safe enough speed for average drivers.

Avoid tailgating - Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of your so that in case of sudden stop you will have enough time and distance to avoid a collision.

Use new road safety devices - There are devices that you can use to help you avoid road accidents. Here are two devices you can use:

Proximity Monitor - The device automatically gauges the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. If you come too close, the device adjusts your speed accordingly.

Drifting Monitor - The device monitors if your car is following the lane markers on the road. If your car drifts away from the marker without a turn signal, the device will set off alarms.

Avoid alcohol - If you know that you will be driving, avoid drinking. If you had taken an amount of alcohol, then ask someone else to drive you home.

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