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List Building: Get More Opt-Ins Today

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Author: Tellman Knudson

Do you think of list building pages as a headline, a set of three to five bullet points and an opt-in box? Most of us do. Yet, it's the underlying factors that get people to join your list, factors that you need to consider in order to make your list grow.

First, let's examine the headline. It has to tell readers, "What's in it for me?" That old WIIFM element is so very important. If people see no benefit from signing up for your list, why would they? What's in it for you with this article? Obviously, that you'll get better results from your list building pages and more people will sign up, right? So, if that interests you, you move on and continue to read the article. It's the same thing with your list building pages. If you write a good WIIFM title, people want to know more about the information that only you can provide, and they'll join your list.

But they still may not bite, if they aren't curious. Even a benefit of joining may not get them to ask for one more email in their inbox when they have hundreds flooding it already. Right? So, you have to pique their curiosity. That goes back to our headline again for this article. What actually made you read it? It's the how. I want more opt-ins today, so how do I get them? If you knew that, you know you'd have a list so huge no autoresponder could hold it. So, you're wondering. You're curious.

Just don't go overboard with your title. Be specific and punchy. What's that mean? Punchy is a quality that reeks of amusement, interest, and curiosity all at once. Plus, it means short. It's like a punch in the face because it hits you. Try to let potential list members know what your list is about, without actually telling them. For example: "3 Zero Cost Ways to..." whatever. Would that make you wonder what great things you can get for free? "Zero cost" is another way of saying free, but it's punchy. You see? Plus, that headline has the "list" thing going for it, and those work very well. That's why you're always seeing "10 Ways to..." or "5 New Things You Can..." and on and on.

You're going to use the same techniques when writing your bullet points, too. As Jimmy D. Brown often says, "Give them incomplete information." Bullet points shouldn't be sentences or absolutely not paragraphs. They should be quick, easy-to-read blurbs, like "Get traffic to your site TODAY even if you're a traffic newbie" or "A few simple skills that can multiply your profits up to 1,000 Times" There is curiosity and implied benefit in both of those lines. Would you want to know more? Don't they make you want to know the "how" even more? Do the same thing on your list building pages.

Also include a sense of urgency. You'll notice in the title above, I used the word "today," which implies that if you do the things I recommend in this article, you'll have more opt-ins right away. Change your "submit" button to read something better, too, like "order your free subscription," or "immediate access." Anything that calls people to action will work better than the plain old submit button.

Great list building pages are crucial to a great opt-in rate. If you have no compelling copy, people just won't read and they surely won't sign up for your list. Let readers know the benefits of being a member of your list, but not the whole ball of wax. Make them wonder, give them a sense of urgency, and draw them in to learn the "how." I'm sure your opt-in rates will increase instantly, and if you do it today, it will happen today. Don't put it off. Make your list building page rock out loud!

About the author: List building master, Tellman Knudson, is CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc. and has built a massive, responsive list in a short time. Learn his "Get a List Quick" system when you visit at

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