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Letís Talk about Grooming

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Author: Tracy Mason

What's a vacation without a trip to the spa? Hi, I'm Tracy Mason, co-founder of PetSuites! As the owner of two large, fun-loving dogs, I know how messy bathing your pets can be; but at PetSuites' state of the art facilities, we make it fun for your pets and easy for you!

Regular bathing can improve your pet's physical comfort and is especially important in the coming winter months, when de-icing products are everywhere. Pet grooming is not only a great way to check for skin rashes and other things that could be potentially harmful or irritating for your pet, but it also stimulates blood flow and adds to the overall health of their coat. Regular nail trims are important too as they can prevent a painful condition, while helping to protect your hardwood floors.

At PetSuites, you can have your cat or dog groomed at our PetSpa before you pick him or her up from a vacation stay or you can schedule an appointment with one of our professional stylists. I've compiled some important questions you should ask before you choose a groomer.

Ask to See Where Your Pet Will Be Groomed and the Tools That Will Be Used:

Before you leave your pet to be groomed, you want to make sure everything is clean and the facilities are well lit. Ask how the groomer sanitizes clippers and other tools, and make sure there are no unpleasant odors. At PetSuites PetSpa, you can see our groomers working with pets, right when you walk in the door! We believe that transparency is essential when caring for an important member of your family -that's why we let you take a tour of our facilities, and allow you to see into the grooming area.

Ask Questions Specific to Your Pet:

You should give the pet groomer a feel for your pet and ask how different situations would be handled. For instance, if the blow drying process agitates your pet, ask the groomer what they would do to remedy this. Let the groomer know about your pet's specific conditions (i.e. if your pet has a sensitive area or a tendency to nip) and ask how the groomer will handle them. You can also ask if the groomer has experience with your dog or cat's breed or specific coat condition.

Ask for the Groomer's Credentials:

Inquire as to how long the groomer has been in business and if they are a trained groomer. At PetSuites PetSpa we have skilled groomers that have been trained the PetSuites way to give your pets the best care possible. PetSuites has been in business more than 10 years and we have always hired qualified groomers for your pets.

Ask What Services Come Along with the Groom:

A groomer should be able to give you a price quote, but always make sure you know what's involved with that price. PetSpa offers many choices for your pet. Your pet can receive a hand wash with lots of love, nail trim or Gentle Touch Massage in our packages. If you choose a bath or groom for your pet, we will finish their groom off with a bandana or bow before you pick them up!

Ask about Groomer Availability:

It is important to ask about groomer availability because some groomers allow walk-ins, while others require appointments. At PetSuites PetSpa, we ask that you make an appointment so we have time to take care of everyone. We are open seven days a week, so we can conveniently fit into your time schedule - no matter what it is.

Bathing your furry friend might be difficult for you, especially if you don't have enough space, so let us do it for you in our clean facilities made just for grooming! We take the time to make sure your pet has a great experience and comes out fresh and clean; so stop by any PetSuites grooming salon, seven days a week, to talk to our professional stylists!

About the author: Tracy Mason, Co-Founder of PetSuites of America, a pet boarding kennel that specialized in pet daycare, pet grooming and more.

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