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Let's Talk About America, President Obama, Socialism and Taxes

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Author: Gregory DeHart

Hey America. Politicians, and President Obama:

Years ago I figured out a simple truth. Be generous and give, and you'll earn favor with people, especially if the gift is one that cannot be repaid. The person you give to may then be your friend, perhaps for a life time. I first learned this at the hand of my Great Grandpa who used to give us kids lemon drops when we would visit him. A small thing, but it has been many years and I still vividly remember his thoughtfulness to us. Warren Porter was a family friend who, when I was eleven years old, took me traveling with himself and his aged mother from Minnesota to Alaska, with many interesting points in between. I will never forget these and others who have been generous and kind to me. It would appear to me that our federal, state, county and city governments have learned a similar thing. They make many friends of special interest groups with our tax dollars. We pay for many "gifts", monies spent to benefit the few not the whole, or even the many.

The thing that the politicians do not seem to understand is that it is not their money. By force of law they steal from the working man, our wives and children, so they can take the money and make friends with it. You might say that by means of armed robbery they steal from the producing element of our American society. They arm themselves with the force of unjust and foolish laws that are forced upon us. In the law of God it is clearly put forth that no one has the right to take from another that which doesn't belong to him. To extract from an individual his wealth by force of law and not give him a just direct benefit is no less than thievery. God sees it all friends and do not think He doesn't. You should not take from one in order to give it to another to win the recipient's favor. Many have departed from honor not realizing, or caring, "that a gift corrupts". Larry Burkett, a modern financial counselor can add a bit of wisdom from his book THE COMING ECONOMIC EARTHQUAKE. "So fearful were the founders of this country of a strong central government that they went to great lengths to ensure that its powers were severely limited. Basically, the central governments could settle arguments between the states, organize an army to defend the nation's common cause, regulate interstate commerce, and negotiate foreign treaties. The federal government was allowed to raise its operating capital by charging an interstate tariff on goods only -- period!"

I didn't notice any federal income tax, no welfare, no endowments, grants, nor any other tokens of what is called socialism. My, my, how far we have strayed from the intent of our founding fathers, not to mention the law of God. The Savior says, repent! Now America, since I'm speaking of taxes let me give you some words of advice. First of all scrap any idea of giving monies to anyone or group that would not be spent to the equal benefit of the people who paid the taxes in the first place. If certain groups or individuals want money for private or small concerns that do not benefit the general populace, let them earn their own money. Secondly, scrap all taxes that are levied upon a select group but which proceeds are spent on the general populace. This is practiced with various "sin taxes" such as tobacco and alcohol taxes. How is it that a government has the right to levy taxes on a select group for any reason unless the proceeds are used to directly serve the ones who paid the tax? However, the individual who practices their vice, needs to be held fully and singularly responsible for the outcome of that vice, meaning by example: lung cancer and the such like for the smoker, and automobile accidents, etc. for the drinker. The drinker should not be required to pay taxes that advantage me the non drinker. I, the non-drinker should not in anyway be held responsible for the drinker who, because of his drinking, damages himself or any one else. This is just and fair. Thirdly, since taxes must be raised to pay for services that benefit all, do it in a manner that is in agreement with the law of God. Scrap the income tax. It is exceedingly complex and inequitable. Institute a flat rate sales tax system. This system will equally tax rich and poor alike, according to the money they spend. This system has no need of business deductions because whether it is a multi-million dollar corporation or an average citizen, he will be taxed the same percentage per dollar spent. A very large portion of the IRS could be eliminated because a flat rate sales tax would be far more easily run as well as policed. When you do this, however, do not neglect to compensate the vendors who collects the tax money for you. It is not right that they become tax agents without adequate compensation. Another built in advantage of this system is that the government would not be able to collect money over and above what an individual owes. This is the practice at this time. The government uses our money for up to a year's time without paying one dime of interest to anyone. America, God the Almighty runs His whole kingdom on earth with such a system. It's called a tithe Those who are committed to His work in the earth pay a tithe, which is commonly accepted as one tenth of one's income If God's Kingdom can run on so simple a system, why is yours so extremely complicated and expensive? The answer is simple, your system is based on inequity and wrought with many follies.

Our new President, Mr. Obama seems to be head of the class in regards to the promotion of socialism and the giving away of money. I heard just yesterday that by current projections his administration is scheduled to produce more national debt then all the prior 200 years of federal government combined. I guess you might say he's doing it in style. He's an all out sort of fella isn't he? The single great problem is, who's going to pay the tab? For I assure you America, there will be a tab to pay!

A Watchman
Gregory De Hart

Consider; Pr. 17:23, Pr 22:16, Ps. 62:10, Ex. 22:26-27, Is. 10:1-4, Gen. 28:22, Gen. 14:20, Ex. 30:15

About the author: Gregory DeHart is a Bible teacher who sometimes writes under the pen name of Watchman. Gregory is the sponsor of, a site dedicated to examining social issues and the preaching of righteousness, and, a site dedicated to the practical unfolding of the mystery revealed from the Bible of how marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church. For a Bible based life perspective please feel welcome to visit our sites, saving them as favorites, and please feel free to contact us, or post a comment. If this article has spoken to you, and you perceive the need to promote such teaching, then we invite you to consider sponsoring Gregory's ministry as a "watchman" and teacher, by returning a donation of whatever size you may feel convicted of Holy Spirit to offer. Your willingness to respond to the Holy Spirit's conviction, and your generosity are appreciated. To the end that men everywhere would acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As a people of faith come forth in these last days and in spite of the progression of sin, (for it will progress) to bring forth a generation where "...many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and shall be my people: and I will dwell in the midst of thee..." (Zechariah 2:11), and ...The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever." (Revelations 11:15), and ...For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

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