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Lee Greif Favorable Outlook on New Healthcare Legislation

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Author: Lee Greif

Though it has been maligned as an overly controlling and heavy-handed move by the American government, the new health care legislation does have its share of supporters.

With over 20 years of experience in the health industry, I understand how difficult it can be to deliver an adequate standard of care to patients. Many have suffered at the hands of so-called "indigent care" because they not only had no health insurance, but lacked the ability to even apply for it.

You can verify Lee Greif has served as the chairman of the board for the 430-bed Menorah Medical center, in addition to being a member for 20 years. As well, I am the director of the American Cancer Society of Johnson County. What this means is that I know the hospital industry, and more importantly know that this new legislation will be good for it. Instead of losing money on patients who are unable to pay for services, hospitals will at least be guaranteed some form of repayment because of the new government-funded insurance initiative.

My years working in the public eye have given me a long and largely unbiased view of the subject. While the new health legislation may make the jobs of private insurers slightly more difficult, it opens doors for those who previously had no access to decent medical care of any kind; to those that were forced to either sit and suffer in silence or to attend the hospital for care, only to lack the funds to pay the bill for even the most minor of treatments.

Having worked in the industry and after meeting the people of the nation who are desperate for some access to the health system, you can make sure Lee Greif believes that this health care legislation, while not perfect, is a step in the right direction.

About the author: Lee H. Greif, was born on November 20, 1945 in New York City to Adele and Murray Greif. He attended elementary public school in New York City and high school in Westport Connecticut. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1967 and its Law School in January 1971. He temporarily left law school in 1968 to serve six months in the Army reserves during the Vietnam War.

While at the University of Connecticut he was elected President of his class for three years and President of the Student body. At the end of his freshman year he was the selected by the President of the University, Dr. Homer Babbidge, for a summer scholarship as a special assistant to United States Congressman Emilio Daddario (D-CT). After his first summer working for the Congressman, Daddario invited him to join his permanent staff. During college, he worked in the Congressman's district office and summers' in his Washington office. After law school he worked in the Congressman's Washington office. During that service in Washington he took a central role in two successful congressional campaigns for Daddario.

In 1972 he became Chief of Staff to US Congressman Peter Peyser (R-NY). He served in that job for four years during which time he worked on a number of special projects for then U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller.

His work in Washington as a congressional staff member, afforded him the opportunity to meet many interesting people, and be present during the end of the Vietnam War and through the Watergate period. He worked for a Democratic Congressman during the Vietnam War and a Republican Congressman during Watergate.

Mr. Greif left Washington in 1976 to be President of a family retail business in Kansas City. While in Kansas City in addition to a very active involvement in civic activities (see addendum) he got involved in Real Estate investment and Development. Mr. Greif subsequently developed 500 apartment units, 1 million square feet of industrial property, and bought operated, renovated and profitably sold three commercial hotels.

In 1998 Mr. Greif organized a collection company, Cannon Financial Company to purchase credit card and other previously charged off debt by financial institutions. That company merged with a public company, Advanced Financial Company to become it's main operating division. After consulting with the company for two years, Mr. Greif then organized a commercial leasing company, Heritage Financial, that provided about $30 million annually in financing for asset based commercial equipment clients.

In 2002, Greif joined with other investors to help put together a public company structure that after a trip to China was subsequently sold to a group of Chinese investors who were in the coal mining business in China. That company continues to report successful operations in coal and energy activities in China.

Mr. Greif is married to Amy and is the father of three children. He lives in Prairie Village Kansas.

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