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Learning German

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Author: Soli Katir

After learning well enough how to speak at least conversational German, my next target language is French. In Swedish, word order and verb conjugation is mercifully similar to English, which makes learning it much easier than say German, which has a notoriously more complex word order and verb conjugation. Did you find those tips on learning German at home useful?

There are many excellent courses available online that utilizes some of the new learning technologies that can greatly enhance the speed at which you learn German. Everyone who wants to learn to speak German wants to learn as quickly as possible, so quick learning is a selling point for most products offered online and in stores as well. But, by using these three tips, you can incorporate learning German at home into your everyday life.

I myself spent 5 years in high school learning Japanese; however, I was able to speak much better German after just spending maybe 20 hours listening to audio cds. If you intend for your future to be in a Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Communication or National Defense role then learning to speak German is an absolute must. Who has the time or inclination to spend months learning Spanish/French/German or any other language when planning a three day visit

So no matter your age, lifestyle, and potential; German is taught at all levels and Learning and mastering the German language is an investment in lasting and solid values. As such, learning to speak German can be particularly useful when negotiating agreements or applying for jobs where speaking German will be beneficial in liaising with offices in other locations, seeking out new markets and clients or traveling and negotiating with business partners. Because Germany plays a major role in international relations, trade and commerce, politics, tourism, medicine and the Arts, learning German may lead to greater employment options including tourism, trade and commerce, the hospitality industry, medicine, diplomacy, journalism, teaching, translation and interpreting.

If you are learning German, for example, you might produce a "poem" like this:the dog - der Hundthe mouth - der Mundthe air - die Luftthe scent - der Duftto buzz - summento growl - brummenlittle - kleinclean - reinto brood - grübelnto iron - bügelnYou don"t have to worry about grammar - just definitions, pronunciations, gender, and spelling.

About the author: Soli Katir
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