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Learn How to Operate Bucket Trucks and More

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Author: i80 Equipment

Heavy equipment and truck operators are needed in just about every industry, from government, to food service to landscaping to retail services. Without trained operators and drivers out on the roads every day delivering our goods and performing tasks on job sites, our country would come to a stand still. Therefore, it is common sense to know that these jobs will never completely disappear.

Even though our country's construction trade job market has slowed considerably with the recession, it is inevitable that it will heat back up. It is estimated that we have about a 7 month inventory of housing left in the US. After that time, our empty housing will start to disappear and the trades will once again start moving at a faster pace. At that point, our laid off trade workers will go back to work and the demand for skilled tradesman will increase. If you are considering studying to operate heavy machinery, don't be discouraged by the economy. You will be in demand.

You can begin your training on your own by picking up a copy of the National Center for Construction Education and Research book aptly named "Heavy Equipment Operations Level 1." This is an official training guide and will show you the basic techniques and introduce you to the NCCER's skills ranking system.

Your local state roads department offices may lend you their instructional videos. Every DMV should have a free study guide and pre-test booklet available to help you study for your exam. These are valuable training tools when studying for your CDL. Other videos can be found online. Research your state's licensing requirements before taking your test. Depending on the state you live in, heavy equipment courses may or may not require being licensed before hand. If they don't require it, wait until you take the course to take your test. Your chances of passing increase exponentially.

Sign yourself up for heavy equipment operations courses near you. You will get hands on training and the experience you need to get a job. Try to find an NCCER certified course, as you will have government recognized certification that indicates your skill level to employers.

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