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Ladies Wallets - Fake Or Real The Million Dollar Question

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Author: Jaclyn Stickney -

Have you ever searched the net for ladies wallets or handbags? There's a great selection out there isn't there? But telling fake from real can be the million dollar question.

There are so many designer wallets and handbags to choose from as well as plenty of names you probably have never heard before. So which is the better choice?

And when you start looking at designer bags how do you know when you are looking at the real thing and when you are looking at knockoffs? After all you don't want to get ripped off do you?

Now don't confuse replica's with knockoffs. Replicas are sold by legitimate stores and break no copyright laws. Replicas resemble popular designer bags but they are not exactly the same and the break no laws.

They are generally made from more affordable materials that the general population can afford and they don't have the designer name attached to them. So for example Walmart might sell a line of wallets that are similar to a Coach line.

Knockoffs on the other hand break all the rules. They are a direct copy of a designer bag and generally originate from oversees. These bags use inferior materials and they don't last.

What's even worse is when you land up with one of these products when you think you've purchased a true designer wallet. So how can you stop yourself from getting ripped off. Well a little bit of common sense can go a long way.

1. Too Good

Let's start with the if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.

2. Examine It

If you are buying from a store then be sure to carefully examine the product. Look for inferior stitching, poor workmanship, fabrics or leathers that appear substandard.

3. Reputable

Buying from a site or store that has a great reputation can relieve some of the pressure of worrying about not getting what you thought you bought.

4. Stick Around

If you find a site that seems to be offering designer wallets and handbags at great prices don't jump in right away. Instead watch the site for some time and see if they are still there a week or a month from now. You might be shocked to find how many sites disappear. So you've got to question why? Fly by night is a big red flag!

5. BBB

The Better Business Bureau is another way of checking on a site or store. There is an online division that verifies online sites so be sure to check.

6. Paypal

Paypal is a terrific form of protection. If the site has a verified icon on their site you have a variety of protection. Check paypal's site.

7. Research

Research is a powerful tool. When you do your homework you are much less likely to get stung.

8. Common Sense

The biggest thing to remember is this: If you want a designer wallet then get your checkbook out. If you don't want to pay the price then be prepared to get a knockoff. And remember you always have the option of purchasing a replica.

So when it comes to purchasing ladies wallets just use common sense.

About the author: Jaclyn Stickney has taken many classes and workshops on wallet making which covers the latest fashion trends and styles. She has a collection of wallets that is a tribute to her hobby of collecting unique and trendy wallets that have come and gone over the years. At, Jaclyn will give you insider information on the latest designs and trends from industry reps.

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