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Knowing How to Apply Graphics

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Author: Brian Lee

In any decent website, the pictures and graphics incorporated into the page aren't simply for show, but can also be a marketing strategy. When graphics are used properly it can get your revenue up tenfold. On the other hand, poorly chosen, made or placed graphics within a webpage can be more devastating then having no graphics at all.

Graphics on any type of website should be a tool used to accent the major points of your page. When pictures are well placed, it will persuade your visitor to become a client. This can be done by simply integrating marketing strategies when designing your graphics.

For instance, when picking out a color for your graphics, don't only choose your favorite colors or colors you find nice, but pick hues that will emphasize your sites product or service. For example, let's say that your website is one that offers summer vacations near the ocean. For this site topic, choosing colors like grey and purple has nothing to do with your product. Instead, choosing colors such as blue, gold and orange are good example because it contrasts's the colors of the ocean, sand and sun.

Another point is to moderate the amount of graphics you apply on each page. Too many pictures will give your page a butchered and messy look, which can be a turnoff for a lot of internet users. Also, a lot of graphics will definitely slow down your site loading speed, which is another thing you probably wouldn't want happening. But putting too few pictures can also be a major turnoff since it gives your page an incomplete and plain look.

The picture you decide to use as your sites background can also be a deciding factor for your web page's success. The graphic and color used as a wallpaper should never, and I repeat, NEVER interfere with the legibility of your content. For example, putting yellow writing on a white background won't help sales. Background graphics should be applied the same way as any other graphics, to accentuate your business.

In the end, keep in mind that people purchase items depending on emotion. So use your graphics to play on those emotions to up profits. For instance, pictures of individuals with a content, satisfactory look on their faces while using your product are good.

About the author:

Brian Lee works for NRJ design, a Montreal Web design company.

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