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KMC Rims Declare Style Like No Other

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Author: Ben Pate

In today's hyper-competitive custom wheel market, a real player these days seems to be the KMC Wheel Company. When you think of a car or automobile, one of the first things that come to mind are the wheels, usually. Well, KMC Wheels ( deliver on many fronts. Face it; wheels or rims are vital to the automobile, and a nice-looking set of them can make even the most plain-Jane car look like a customized street machine.

Supersize Me! A wheel set's size usually depends on the purpose the wheel set is going to be used for. Serious street performance types run from 16 to 19 inches, at the top range. Urban size wheels, though, can go from about 20-inch "dub" type rolling metal all the way up past 26 inches. KMC Wheel Company supplies wheels for every need in those ranges.

Wheels and Rims? What's the difference between a car's wheels or rims? Not much, really. Sometimes, there's a subtle joining up of the spokes in a wheel to its lip or flange, but that's pretty much all there is to it. But the word "rims" can convey a sense of street smartness, especially in wheels of 20 inches or more in diameter. In the end, though, they're all actually wheels.

Rolling Metals. Steel was the metal of choice for a car's Custom Rims ( for much of the automobile's history. It had the advantage of durability and it could actually be bent back into shape somewhat, if it was dented. But it was heavier, and that could hurt a car's ability to move quickly.

Going with Alloys. All the good wheels for a car today are made of one type of alloy, like aluminum, or other. They're lighter, which means a car has less weight to pull along, and they can help fuel economy while also making the car look good. If they break, though, it can be hard to fix or repair them. Even lighter and more durable alloys come in the form of magnesium or titanium, though that metal is very expensive.

Putting them On. Using bolts, you attach a wheel or rim to an axle's hub. Most times, you use four or five of them, though there are varieties of wheels that need a few more than that. KMC Wheel Company has wheels and rims in all different bolt combinations, from just four to greater than five.

Do Something to Look Good. Given the variety of KMC Wheels and KMC Rims available, it'd be almost impossible to fail to find a wheel or rim set that can't take an okay-looking car and turn it into something better than that. If you need more speed, go with a performance-designed set. If you want street credibility, a good set of "dubs" will fill the bill.

About the author: Get Rolling. Even if speed's not your primary concern, KMC Rims ( can deliver solid performance and outstanding good looks. There are different sizes and finishes, so finding the ones that are right for your automobile should be relatively easy. If you need to make a fashion or performance statement for your car, these Wheels ( may just be what you're looking for. For more information, check out our site (

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