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Kingfish Fishing Bait

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Author: Kenneth Poulsen

Kingfish is a beautiful fish and on the list of many fishermen as their favorite. Kingfish are also known as whiting or sea mullet. These are fish that swim in surf making fishing a totally extraordinary experience. They live and move in schools of thousands and of course if you caught one, then you are in the middle of it.

Kingfish are small fish with even smaller mouths. They love clams, worms and crabs - mostly things that are found on shores. The angler can use any of these things as baits, but should always keep in mind that it should not be lowered too much so that other fish or crab steal the bait. Spinner hooks work very well for catching these fish. So are Styrofoam floats adapted on rigs with shank hooks, or Sea Striker gold hooks.

The best bait, the bait which the kingfish simply cannot resist are expensive and almost royal, i.e. the bloodworm. The angler can use one or two worms alone on the hook or in combination with some other bait like strip of pork, mullet or even squid. If you cannot have the bloodworm, you can use its closest substitute, the night-crawler. Though nothing can really give the results the bloodworm gives, a good combination with night-crawler and strips or squares of squid work pretty well. Do not let the night-crawler get washed out however; the kingfish will not touch it.

The baits should be smallish since the kingfish are small biters and do not really go for any big chunks, even if they look wounded and tasty. Use happily spot, mackerel, squid, mullet or any combination of these if you do not have bloodworms. Kingfish are also very attracted to fillets - so if you like to use mullet, use de-scaled finger type fillets. It is a little known fact that sand flies make just as good effective baits for these fish and with a little patience and free time, the angler can get them for free (catch them themselves).

Keep the bait on the move as the kingfish are attracted to on-the-move type of bait. However, move it slowly and tantalizing just as in cat-and-mouse game for best results. The mostly swim around the shore so the angler should best concentrate his efforts there. Kingfish cannot resist baby clams - though it is not easy to get them, these bait are sure-fire ways to catch kingfish.

In the sea the kingfish always tends to swim towards the shore - so that is the best way to position yourself to catch them. In lakes/ oceans the best time to fish for kingfish is early in the morning till about 10.00 am and late evening after 6.00 pm.

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Kenneth Poulsen is a publisher of the website "Angler Help - fishing resource" is a blog dedicated to help people into the world of angling.

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