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John Stewart Lifts Jim Cramer's Skirt

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Author: Larry Boykin

John Stewart, comedic host of the very popular show The Daily Show, interviewed Jim Cramer, host of popular financial show Mad Money, recently and did something no "serious" news show has done to date. He actually asked the questions and voiced the anger and frustrations of millions of Americans who have all but seen their futures dwindle away in "secure" 401k investments and other "safe" havens. From the outset it was clear that this was not going to be one of John's funny intermingled with occasional sober moment interviews. No, he meant business early on and it also became clear that Jim knew it.

Mr. Stewart pinned Mr. Cramer down in his seat with railroad ties and proceeded to hold to account for video footage of him openly stating that he endorsed manipulation of the market through fake activity and false rumors about competitors, notably mentioning Apple by name. John seemed to almost boil at one point and for one millisecond, Mr. Cramer appeared to believe he was about to be struck. John even held him to task for what mostly everyone has never given a second thought to; Jim's wild antics and outbursts on his show. He has acted that way for so long that most believed the moments when he appeared calm were only a warp speed moment away from his "true" self coming out, not the other way around.

John got him to all but admit that he was not only guilty of tactics that actually harmed millions of investors, but his wild antics were just that; antics! He stripped Mr. Cramer naked and whipped him in the village square! John deflected every attempt by the desperate Cramer to make a joke and continued to bombard him with the voice of millions behind him. It was a moment to actually be proud of television again.

Like all storms, Hurricane Stewart eventually subsided and Cramer Island, though battered, shattered and looking real haggard, survived. The real hope is that Cramer will be better for it, as he said he would try to be when John had him in one of chokeholds. One thing is for certain though and make no mistake about it. Jim Cramer's show will never be the same. There is no way he can go back in front of the camera and do the exact same thing he has done for years and be taken seriously anymore.

Who he will be remains to be seen, but the ranting and raving lunatic that we've all come to believe in for years is no longer believable, from the mouth of Mr. Cramer himself. Two thumbs up to John Stewart for doing what no anchor on any major network has ever had the courage to do and that was make the ilk of Jim Cramer to finally admit that there was something rotten in Denmark and they knew about it. Now if we could just get John up to a congressional hearing and let him ask a few more questions….

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