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Is This Online Information Marketing Business Model Right For You? , step 2

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Author: Katrina Sawa

Now is NOT the time to sit around in your business holding on to your wallets and sitting frozen on what to do next. It's time to develop new streams of revenue, find new ways for your current customers to buy more and look at possibly targeting a different market as well - ones that HAVE money to spend.

In these series of articles I'm writing, I want to specifically talk about the 8 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Information Marketing Business. Because this is by far one of the only types of businesses out there that is still generating millions of dollars and doing it via the internet.

Now when I say develop new streams of revenue, I'm not talking about adding one or more network marketing type businesses to your belt so you just have more to sell that may or may not be at all related to the type of business you're already in. Not that there's anything wrong with network marketing models but I just wanted to make that distinction; I'm not talking about that kind of income stream.

I'm talking about leveraging your expertise, knowledge, systems, services, information, etc. into products and services you can create basically one time and then sell over and over again via the internet.

If you're already in an information marketing business you still may want to pay attention because I can almost guarantee that you will be negligent in one, two or even maybe three of the steps I plan to cover. Changing these things in your business could generate 10's of 1,000's of dollars in your pocket if you tweak a few things.

We know millions of people are still spending money. The question is how do you get a piece of that pie?

Well, Step 2 in this process is Choosing the Right Business Model.

For example, if you love to speak to groups, teach, educate and lead workshops yet, your # 1 goal is to be at home with your 2+ little kids each day after school and on weekends, it would be very important NOT to start a business where you will spend time over the weekends out of town or conducting workshops, retreats and live events right?

Instead you might choose a model where more phone and internet interaction is present or where you write curriculum that you can email out or teach over a webinar rather than live.

Here are some examples of online information marketing business models:

- Running online memberships
Interactive or not, they can include many features and benefits but the goal here is teaching 1 to many instead of 1 to 1 to leverage your time.

- Product focused websites
This can be good if you have a lot of great information "that people want" and "are searching for" (that is the key. It's one thing to think your information is important and great but it's another thing to actually make sure people want it.)

- Service based websites and companies
You can work with customers 1 on 1 or 1 to many in teleclass or webinar series (live or recorded), ecourses (automated)

- Hosting live events
Either small groups and retreats or really large seminars with multiple speakers. These can be big money makers in various ways.

- Affiliate marketing
You can promote everyone else's great stuff and make money doing it!

- You can do a combination of these things too
I do them all!

Now, granted you can't just plop a webpage up or blog and think people will come and buy right away. You still have to set up systems, your support team, build a responsive list and manage ongoing marketing campaigns.

There is more to do but the first thing you want to do is think about the type of model that will best fit your lifestyle AND will help you provide your gifts. Because the goal isn't always about money and if you don't do this step before leaping into business, you could end up working yourself into a JOB.

We want you to develop a business model that fits your life, your family but also inspires you and motivates you each day to give and live your purpose, share what you're passionate about so that other's lives will be changed for the better. That's the ultimate goal I would hope for most of you. Now where the money comes in is IF you set this business up right from the beginning and don't try to halfway do what needs to be done. The SYSTEMS are the key to you living the life of your dreams with a much easier business model where you don't have to work so hard.

I've done it, hundreds of my friends have done it and you can too. I'd love to show you how!!

When I changed my entire business model to this information marketing model I immediately got back 50 hours per week that I was spending working on all my client's work or busywork that I now spend on my own business and personal development.

Now IS THE TIME to take action in your business. It's time to think bigger, dream bigger, make bigger goals and take bigger leaps of faith in order to truly get the business and life of your dreams.

About the author: (c) Copyright 2009 K. Sawa Marketing International. Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Relationship Marketing Coach who's helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself marketing planning products. Free Report & Free Audio !

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