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Is Online Learning the Right Choice for You?

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Author: Nancy Lambert

Benefits of Online Education

An online education has many benefits including lower costs, no travel time, and easy access. All you need is a computer, meaning you can work whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. This is especially true for the adult learner, who must often juggle studies with a full-time job.

Characteristics of Adult Learners

There are certain characteristics the adult learner must have in order to fully enjoy the benefits of an online education.

First and foremost, you must be able to use modern technology. You can't access the courses without a computer and the internet, and if you don't have a basic knowledge of how these work you may struggle.

Characteristics of adult learners also include the ability to learn strictly through written words and a good sense of self-discipline.

Naturally, an online education benefits people who prefer to work in solitude, without the distraction of other people around them. You won't have to speak up in a classroom full of people and can instead take time to think over your response to a question before submitting a written answer.

Motivating Adult Learners

There are many factors motivating adult learners to continue their education, particularly with the ease of online institutions. These can range from:

advancing your career,
seeking a raise, or
simply an eagerness to learn new skills or new knowledge.

This motivation is important, because you won't have anyone else standing over you forcing you to attend class or turning in your assignments. Therefore you should carefully consider if you're a self-motivating adult learner who can thrive in the online environment before enrolling.


About the author: Nancy Lambert is an executive for provides information on hundreds of degrees offered online through accredited colleges and universities. From online certificates to Associates, Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees, helps students and adults discover the advantages of earning their degree online.

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