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Is It Safe To Neuter/Spay My Guinea Pig

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Author: Sarah Eaton

This MUST be performed by an exotic Veterinarian (one who specializes in small/exotic animals). any vet cannot do a Guinea Pig neuter. Most cat and dog vets should NOT do a Guinea Pig neuter. You need to find a vet who has done quite a few Guinea Pig neuters AND has a high success rate doing them. Guinea pigs are usually seen by what is referred to as an "exotic" or small animal vet. Exotic vets usually focus on rabbits, rodents (Guinea Pigs), birds, reptiles, and other small creatures. Vets who spend their time on cats and dogs do not have a lot of experience with the many other species of small animals.

Many shelters have spay/neuter clinics. They routinely perform neuters on cats and dogs, and usually at low prices. When you are looking at comparing the cost of a neuter for your Guinea Pig, please be very careful about choosing a shelter to do this for you. Most shelters have a variety of vets on staff. Also, some shelter clinics cannot afford the latest and greatest equipment needed. Be vigilant on qualifying the VET at the clinic on their personal neuter experience and success as well as practices at the clinic. The lowest cost option may not be the best one, for your Guinea Pig friend!

The surgery to spay females is more invasive, and is more commonly reserved for cases when there is a life-threatening problem involving the Guinea Pig's reproductive system. If you want to keep a male and female guinea pig together, neutering the male is the preferred option.

There are preferred guidelines including:

The Guinea Pig should be at least over 4 months old.

Avoid putting senior Guinea pigs older than 4 years old through the stress of surgery unless it's medically absolutely necessary.

Keep a newly neutered male Guinea Pig separate from his female friend for 4 to 6 weeks.

About the author: Hi I'm Sarah,

I have now & have for many years had beuatiful Guinea Pig s around me.
I love writing about them & love to share my knowlede with like minded people.
If you have a Guinea Pig now, or looking for your first one, I have lots of information for you.

Have a Wonderful Day,

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