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Ipod Cases

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Author: Kelvin Hall

As we've seen, the design and manufacture of iPod cases is in itself a growth industry. The first crop of cases is the "Hope" line, in which $3 of each of the seven models sold—including the Remix Metal and Sport Armband for iPod nano—will go to the Susan G. The difference between high-quality and low-quality iPod cases is generally apparent pretty quickly: fit and finish, materials, and "feel in the hand" tend to be a lot better on the higher-quality cases. The detailing on the cases is particularly charming, with some of them having divine little touches such as satin bows, felt buttons, flowers, or embroidery.Handmade cases can command a price premium over standard cases, and branded fashion a premium over even handmade cases. There are so many protective cases for your iPod that wading through the options can be daunting and the range of iPod cases is too wide, seductive and cost effective to be neglected.

iPod cases can also come in a variety of different materials, ranging from leather, to hard cover cases ,to silicone type iPod cases. New iPod armbands also have a casing to place your iPod in, instead of a clip to clip it on. The best use for these types of cases however, is for people who are constantly on the go and who love to use their iPod to workout with.

PDA-ish cases are a tired breed, and aside from its use of a quality Nappa leather exterior and complementing suede interior, Venom mini is highly similar to other cases we've seen. A standard PDA case keeps your iPod on your belt when it's opened, which has the virtue of not tugging on your headphone cord like Venom mini, but the disadvantage of being much harder to see and use. However, if you're thinking of buying one of the cases, you're likely doing so for the name and the workmanship.

If you've ever wanted to listen to your iPod while swimming, snorkeling or navigating an inhospitable environment then the H20 Audio line of Waterproof iPod cases is for you. H2O's patented case design is complete with a Commander™ Scroll Wheel control assembly, allowing seamless song switching even while wearing gloves. Capable of depths of up to 10 feet (or 200 feet using the DV model), the H2O Audio iPod Cases are highly recommended when you can't let a simple thing like Level 4 white water rapids deprive you of your rocking tunes. The case is a water tight compartment, lined with what they call a "T Seal" type of gasket. By using a dual locking hinge system, H2O is able to ensure a tight compression around the entire iPod thereby keeping water out.

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