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Internet Marketing And List Building: Forget Programs, Build Your List

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Author: Tellman H. Knudson

Internet marketing newbies constantly have opportunities flung in their faces. There are a few that might be good, with good products behind them, but probably only for a while. Other programs are just so-so and the owners make a bulk of the income. Then, there are the Internet marketing scams, which you should avoid--totally.

Let's continue on the premise that you've found a solid program and you're really eager to make it work for you. You may even be making some money from it. But let's think about this: If you concentrate on it alone, and you're building this huge downline, what about emailing them? You can't do it for any reason, other than about company business or you'll be kicked out of the program. Should you be doing this?

Obviously, you can. Yet, what happens when you've spent all your time and energy and maybe money on getting this program really going great. That would be awesome, and you'd have a real sense of achievement, an income even. Great. But...

Did you know that most Internet marketing and other Internet businesses fail within the first year? That doesn't necessarily mean that your program will, but I can almost guarantee that when there are so many people in it that it becomes unpopular because there's just no money to be made anymore, it will fail. Then what? Start all over and do it again?

Here's the thing. Most Internet marketing newbies don't understand that programs aren't the answer. Even some people with time online don't get it. There is only one thing that will keep your business running, and that's a list of customers behind you, that know you, that trust you, that like your personality, and that buy. You'll always have a certain percentage of people on your list that buy what you recommend because they trust you and know it's a good product.

How about this scenario? You have worked really hard at list building all the while you were building your MLM business. But guess what? The MLM dies off and you don't care! You have a list of 10,000 people who are willing to look at anything you send to them, and a certain percentage of them will always buy. You can sell them a product that you develop or become an affiliate for someone else and sell their products and still have an income. Can you see how powerful having a list of your own is now?

My best advice to you, especially if you're an Internet marketing newbie, is to forget the hype. Get away from it and settle yourself down to building a list. List building is the only thing that will keep your business going. If you aren't doing it now, start today! See my resource box for my step-by-step program. It's a very quick way to get started.

Yet, whatever you do, whether you follow me or someone else, start list building today. If you aren't going to do that, don't buy into one more program, get another ebook, or buy more productivity software. If you aren't list building, you may as well just close the doors forget it. Ignoring list building is not an option.

About the author: Tellman Knudson is all about Internet marketing, and list building is his forte. Learn to build a powerful list in just 9 hours when you visit My First List at

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