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Internet Home Based Business - How to Win this Dirty Game?

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Author: Murtuza Abbas

Are you confused as to how to start an internet home business?

Do you want to make sure that you achieve massive internet home business success starting today?

Are you confused as to which internet guru you should believe and which internet ebiz opportunity you should tap into?

Whatever you decide keep the following facts in your mind before you get started...

1. There are no shortcuts to start an internet business.

2. There is NO hot button that can make you an overnight internet millionaire.

3. There is no push a button get rich quick machine.

4. There are no instant riches.

But the fact is that an ordinary person can become an internet millionaire if he follows a proven system to make money on the internet.

There are some myths floating all around the internet that can killer your internet home business....

Myth 1 - You can Make Money While You Sleep or Move around on the Beach.

Yes, you can do this easily with your internet home business.

But keep this in mind that you will not achieve this kind of lifestyle from day one.

This is simply not possible, take my words for it.

You have to put in hours of efforts, research and planning into your internet home business for few months or years and put up a system into place.

Once you have it working for you, you will be making money while you will sleep or move around with your girlfriend.

Myth 2 - You Don't Have to Deal with People.

This amazes me when I read it on other websites that you will not have to communicate with people.

Keep this in mind, you will make money only if someone from the other end of the globe pays you money for your products and services.

And he will do this only if you are willing to provide him solution to his problems.

If you run away from people it is next to impossible to achieve massive internet home business success.

Myth 3 - You Can Kill Your Dead-Broke Job.

Don't do this instantly. You need to have some source of income coming in before you get started with an internet business.

You should never quit your job till you are confident that you are making atleast 3 times more money than the salary that you are making right now.

The reason being, you will not only have to meet your daily expenses with your income but you will also have to invest in your internet home based business for your education and training and for developing new systems.

So you will need money. Therefore my advise is to get started working with your internet home base business part time and then once you are confident enough with your internet home business, quit your job.

About the author: Murtuza Abbas has helped hundreds of newbies 'One-On-One' to start their internet home business.

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