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Author: Colleen Davis

Anybody who's been in the marketing business for quite some time now can tell you that any business can be successful if there's trust between you and your clients. Trust is a commodity that no business should be without. It's the most valuable product, more than the regular items and services you're selling.

As trust cannot be bought, trust is something that is earned. It is the very thing that many business owners would want to have but not everybody can get it. Trust plays a big part on how your target clients see you as a business. It speaks largely of who you are and what kind of service you can provide. Trust is indeed very valuable as you are asking your target market to give their money - hard earned at that - to you when they order something from your marketing collateral such as your brochure printing. Hence, your target clients need to be comfortable with you first before they can part with their dollars.

But despite the skepticism and doubt of many of your target clients, there are ways that you can do to draw them out and give you their trust. Here are some of them:

1 - Consider providing a clear and understandable policy on returns and refunds. As people are giving their money to you, they can't help but be wary of whether they'll actually be able to get their stuff, especially if there's shipping involved. Often, orders from brochure printing and even trifold brochure printing are shipped to their recipients. And they do expect that they need to do a lot of things before they can get their hands on their items. It would be to your benefit therefore if you can give them less of a hassle when they order your product. Clear and easy return and refund policies can go a long way in building that trust between you and your clients.

2 - Consider being upfront and explaining all the terms the way they are. Don't use jargons and highfaluting words that your clients would be hard put to understand. Before you let them shell out their money, swipe their credit cards, or even punch their PIN for automated debit, be sure to let them know what they're getting into and what their money's worth. A subscription service for one can become attractive despite its notoriety if you can explain it even before they avail of it. The bottom line is for you to put your best foot forward, but be sure that it's the same foot that your clients get to see every time.

The key to establishing trust between yourself and your clients is to ensure that you give them their money's worth. Your clients are not paying you with just any money they got from somewhere. They have earned it from their sweat and effort. It's only natural that they would want the best because they've worked hard for it

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