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I Love my Teddy Bear! By Paul Lakeman of Funkybears

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Author: Paul Lakeman

Everyone loves a Teddy Bear. Most of us grew up with the adorable stuffed animal. Have you ever wondered about the history of the cuddly Teddy Bear? A little more than a century ago, the story goes that President Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi to settle a border dispute. Roosevelt loved to bear hunt and was attempting to do so while settling the dispute. When no bears could be found, the President's host found a baby bear but Roosevelt refused to shoot the animal. Of course, President Roosevelt could not hurt such a loveable, helpless captive target. Newspapers got a hold of the story and printed a cartoon depicting the President with a baby bear. The caption read, Teddy's Bear. The cartoon was reprinted across the nation and the Teddy Bear was born.

When we were little, most of us have gotten some form of a teddy bear that we would hold when we went to sleep. Teddy Bears are so cute and cuddly and provide comfort. Best of all they are given as a gift of love. As we have grown up, the Teddy Bear remains a strong sentimental part of our childhood.

We give the stuffed animal to our girlfriends/boyfriends, husbands/wives, friends, and children. Teddy Bears last longer than flowers and they are so warm and cozy. One reason we love them is that they remind us of the person that gave them to us. The Teddy Bear reminds us that the giver of the bear wants to hold us and hug us all the time.

Another reason we love them is that they remind us of a pleasant time in our childhood. They bring out the little boy or little girl in all of us. They seem to be one of the few things that have managed to keep their innocence. Teddy Bears are cheery and so sweet and no matter how old we get we just don't seem to grow old enough to want to get rid of them.

We love that furry feeling against us and they are nice to talk to when we go to sleep. They also make us feel secure and when we need to hold someone, they provide us with that comfort. There are many reasons we love our Teddy Bears and they are a gift that everyone can love.

Not only is the Teddy Bear a gift for all of us regardless of age, it is also a great gift for any occasion. Some deliver a message of love, some friendship, and some wish us to get well soon. Teddy Bears can be customised to fit any need. You can outfit them in almost any type of clothes and lavish them with all types of accessories.

You can have a standard size Teddy Bear, a monkey bear, in fact there's a Bear for everyone! Teddy Bears are popular gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and so much more. They really are suitable for any age, gender, or occasion. I love my Teddy Bear! Don't be afraid to admit it; I know you do too!

About the author: The author Paul Lakeman is a director of and and he has been Personalising Teddy Bears for over 20years. His daily Blog can be found at

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