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Humorous T-Shirts - A Unique Gift Guaranteed to Raise a Smile

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Author: Tony Kitson

If you are looking for that unique personal gift that will make your chosen recipient smile, and is sure to be appreciated, a t-shirt with that funny joke or one liner on it or an amusing unusual picture or graphic is an ideal solution

Giving the gift of laughter in the form of a t-shirt can be seen in many different ways. You can use it to share a joke with your fellow human beings, or it can be enjoyed solely by the wearer of the t-shirt. They can be clean risque or just plain offensive, its your choice. Some rude ones are designed to shock the person who reads it, and the wearer of these type of humorous t-shirts has to be a certain type who enjoys the reaction this will get. When buying a funny t-shirt as a gift it is important to consider the personality of the intended recipient.

These garments can also make a social or political statement as well, they can deliver a message or an opinion, and are a great way of showing our personal identity. When one wears a funny t-shirt they are stating, "This is who I am and this is what I believe". Funny t-shirts are also a good way to break the ice in a social situation. Men and women no longer have to struggle with cheesy pick-up lines as they can simply state their interests on a funny tee.

They are as varied as you want them to be with inventive graphics or just a printed message , even if the t-shirt contains no graphics they can look very decorative with a unique and funny message emblazoned on the front for the whole world to see. With inventive design even plain prose with no graphical element can still be bright and attractive as there are thousands of fonts to liven up the words.

All-in-all, funny t-shirts are a great way to share laughter with your fellow man . You can cheer up any situation with a joke Just by wearing one yourself. Or buy them for friends or family as an ideal gift. its also an easy way to let people see your humorous side no matter how shy you may feel.

If you are looking for that unique funny t-shirt for yourself or a friend or relative take a look at site. Their designs range from clean to risque, offensive or just funny, pictures or graphical images all designed by professional graphic designers and award winning photographers.

If you are of an artistic bent then why not make your own, at* . You can put your design on not only t-shirts, but a massive range of other personal gifts, including mugs, shoes, skateboards, figurines and many more, and if you are stuck for inspiration there are literally millions of designs that you can choose from.

About the author: Tony Kitson is a webmaster and marketer with interests and sites on many subjects. For more information take a look at my extended Bio here

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