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HTC Touch HD Mobile Phone Review - Get the Best of Windows in a Mobile Phone

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Author: Carlson Osbourne

Touch screen phones seem to be everywhere today. All providers are coming out with them and those that already have are working on their new models to make them better. This technology definitely seems to be the way forward and it is easy to see why. Touch screen has hailed a new revolution in the mobile phone industry and HTC has certainly helped to lead the charge. The HTC Touch HD is a great example of their models and has received rave reviews, but is it everything that was promised or does it fall shot of the expectations?

The HTC Touch HD is a Windows Mobile touch screen phone and was designed specifically to appeal to the average person rather than just those business people that by no means make up the majority of society. They have to give it a universal appeal without losing the features or functionality of previous models. The first way in which HTC has attempted it was the appearance of the handset. Clean lines, sleek interface and stylish casing always appeals to people and that is just what this handset has.

Delving a little deeper though, the HTC Touch HD is packed full of features that eclipse the way the phone looks. Although a quick mention of the huge screen, rubber casing and solid feel of the handset is warranted, the appearance of the phone will not hook you for as long as the menus and their contents will.

The touch screen menus provide the first in a series of lovely features. The TouchFLO of the HTC Touch HD is fantastic and allows you to move between all of the easy on the eye icons. They are large, bold and bright and make it simple to navigate around the menus relatively easily. Everything is where it should be and is easy enough to spot. You can use the stylus pen that is included in the package or your fingers because navigation is an enjoyable experience, especially given the fact that you can have picture contacts!

There are one or two problematic areas, such as the paltry 30MB inbuilt memory, although that is solved by a 1GB microSD card that comes with the handset. The camera is also just 2MP. This was fine a few years ago but not now if the handset is to appeal to everyone. The images are stable enough but could be better. There is also no jack for headphones if you usually listen to music on your mobile phone. The Windows Media Player is fantastic and the sound quality is excellent, but it is hard to enjoy it given that lack of a connector!

It is certainly true that the HTC Touch HD is a brand new Windows Mobile phone that appeals to the general public and not just the business areas of society. It has moved the HTC touch screen models to the forefront of the range. Although there are areas that still need to be worked on, this will definitely pave the way for HTC models of the future.

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