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How You Can Shop, Save and Make Money

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Author: Mary Ann Desiano

Millions of people shop online everyday. Online spending is increasing every year. One way to tap into this market is with an online shopping mall business.

In 2006 $107 Billion was spent online. Last year 79% of all people using the Internet bought something online. In 2007 it will exceed $200 Billion. People are shopping online to save money, to save time and to save on gas. How much more motivated would people be to shop online if they also made money every time they shop?

With an online shopping mall business you received shopping rebates on every purchase you and your team make in the mall. You will also received rebates on the purchases of shoppers on nine shopping tiers.

This is an easy business because there is nothing to sell. All you have to do is shop in any one of 1000 stores on your own personal mall and buy what ever you and you family need and want. You will then give away malls and create financial freedom from all the purchases on your team.

There are no qualifying to receive you income. There are no meetings. People already know how to shop.

It is really very simple. You shop for things you are going to buy anyway and received rebate checks for a portion of your purchase. You will not have to spend gas or time to shop, things are delivered right to your door, you will never have to wonder if the store is going to have your color or size.

Stay home, click through 1000 stores, buy what you want and make money! It becomes even more exciting when you give away malls to other people.

An online shopping mall business is the perfect system to tap into the billions being spent online and to create unlimited income.

About the author: Mary Ann Desiano is an Internet marketer with a successful online shopping mall business. Visit -- for more information on this no fee online business.

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