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How to Take Full Advantage of Your Blog

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Author: Brett Miller -

Now that you've taken the steps to enhance your website with an informative blog, you should be seeing an increase in traffic to your site. Keep updating that blog, use plenty of keywords, and you'll see more and more business. But what if you've done all of this, and you're not seeing the results you hoped for? You may need to make some improvements.

Examine Your Blog Design and Content

Ask a few friends or family members who use the internet what they think of your blog. You may need a new blog design to integrate better with your website.

Once you've fixed the look and feel of your blog, make sure that you're following the most important rules of blogging: update frequently and keep your content interesting. Blogging about your new listings, open houses and price reductions is a great start, but also try your hand at writing articles about topics that would be useful to your clients. How-to's on moving, packing, cleaning, preparing for open houses, visiting open houses, and looking for a new home could be useful to your clients. Informative articles on topics like the school system, local history, or local events will keep buyers in the know.

Become a Real Estate Resource

When you offer buyers and sellers information that they want and need, they'll keep coming back to your website. With a little work, you can become known as a local real estate expert. Do some research online to see what other Realtors are doing to become real estate resources, not just agents. Check out Scott Chappell and Brian Bean's excellent blog at for an excellent example of real estate blogging at its finest.

Your goal should be to create a site where buyers, sellers, and local folks can go to get the latest news and helpful information. You're obviously the most in-the-know Realtor in town, right? Soon all those potential clients will see that you're the ONE Realtor they need to call when they want to buy or sell.

About the author: Brett Miller is the founder of and has created the best lead generating real estate websites in the industry and helped hundreds of real estate professionals make the most of their Internet presence. Call 888-Hoop-Jumper for a complimentary web analysis today or visit to see how HoopJumper can help you grow your business.

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