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How To Submit To A Computer Directory

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Author: Mascar Rooney

Computer directories are directories developed specifically for site in the computer niche include password management, data industry, information technology, tutorial, programming, and internet. Submitting to computer directories will attract more targeted users to your site compare with general directories. Unlike general directories, there are only a small number of computer directories on the internet. Most computer directories have high page rank so submitting to these directories will help you to gain higher ranking on the search engine. In a general directory, you can only submit your site to the most relevant category. The computer directory is even more relevant because it is in the same niche as your site. The more relevant the site where your backlink is placed, the more powerful points Google will assign to the backlinks.

When submitting to computer directory, make sure the site does not have any under construction page. If there is any page that is under construction, you should complete it before submitting to the directory. Putting under constructions sign in the page will annoyed the visitor.

Your website must not be promoting an affiliate program. It must contain real content. There must not be too many affiliate links that is pointing to a sales page. To increase the approval rate, it is best not include any affiliate links.

The website must be easy to navigate. It must not be presented in a messy way. Each page should link to each other so that the user can navigate around the website easily. It also must not have broken links. Broken links indicates that your website is unprofessional. If your site has broken links, you must quickly replace them with valid links. You can use the online broken link checker to find out if your site has broken links. If your site has broken links, it will inform you the number of broken links and the URL of the broken links. Examples of broken link checker include Broken Link Checker, iWebtool Broken Link Checker and etc. The word of the page must be large enough for the eyes to see. The smallest font size is 9px while the maximum font size is 14px.

The site must not be or advertise gateway and doorway pages. Gateway and doorway pages are regarded as spam by the search engines. The computer directories will not accept them as well.

The meta data of your website must not be spammed with too many keywords. The moderator will personally check the meta data on your website. You can use 2- 3 keywords in the meta data. The meta keywords should not consists of a long list of keyword. You only need to use 4 - 4 relevant keywords in the meta keywords. Using too many keywords will result in the rejection of your directory submission.

Directory submission can be a tiring job, especially if you have a lot of websites. To avoid this problem, you can hire a SEO company to help you perform the directory submission. When hiring a SEO company, make sure you read customer reviews to find out their reputation in the industry. You should also ask them if the directory submission is performed manually or through software. It is important that the directory submission is done manually so that your site won't be blacklisted in the search engine.

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