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How To Spot Low Quality Construction In Hotel Furniture

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Author: Jamie Hanson

We get asked a lot about the wood and construction that is applied in hotel furniture and how to differentiate low quality furniture from highest class furniture. In a lot of cases, you deserve what you pay for but with furniture prices going cheaper across the board from lower overseas labor rates, occasionally good items are slightly higher price than bad quality furniture. On this article, I am going to discuss with you about bad quality furniture and the precaution should be taken.

We all know of the running gag about some manufacturers and their "easy" at home working with the large number of screws, boards as well as dowels and mostly undecipherable directions. These form of items, called RTA or ready to assemble are built without be mindful of quality, usually, they are used because they are compact and if you are transporting the items in a shipping carton you can get a plenty of boxes stacked on top of each other. While these items may be good for home application, for enduring hotel use they normally cannot resist the wear and tear of heavy usage. Over time, many these designs sag, bent and contort and need to be change. Thus your first question to ask is, is the hotel furniture built?

Once you discover if the item is already built, you can confirm the quality of material. A clue of lesser quality is the use of laminates instead of real hard wood. For example, commonly you can differentiate a laminated wood from a hard wood in flooring. Next, if the wood is fake wood or rather it is a particle board or MDF (medium density fiber board, fairly like particle board) that cuts down on the construction material costs, saving your money but typically lower the quality of the piece. Then your following question should be what kind of material is used for in this hotel furniture?

The final part is to visually inspect the furniture and think about the following item, after I have assembled it, can I reassemble or do I think it will fall apart? Are the posterior and lowest part of the piece fully finished or are the particle board obvious to the eye? it is a square shape, or are the doors or joints damaged? Can I install it again if I want to move it or will that destroy whole furniture? Finally if you put a television on it, will it cause the hotel furniture to throwing pieces around at the sides?

Generally speaking if you plan to purchase hard, fine made hotel furniture for youself. Always remember a few keynote before you order will definitely save you money over a period of time but may be cost you a little more up front.

About the author: Writer is a freelance writer specializing in wholesale furniture and hotel furniture.

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