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How to 'Reboot' Your Blog Posting Creativity

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Author: TJ Philpott

Blog posting can be and is a lot of fun especially when you first start out but as time goes on each new entry can become more challenging. Like anything else your initial enthusiasm helps to fuel your energy and creativity but blog building is a long and enduring process. Your ability to continue churning out creative quality content that the blog reader enjoys becomes increasingly challenged over time. This 'challenge' is only natural since your current resources are being constantly 'tapped' and will eventually run dry. Not to worry however since the solution to this is quite simple: find new resources!

Here are 3 suggestions you can immediately implement to give your blog entries and your enthusiasm new life when you seem to have hit the wall.

Expand Upon Previous Posts

One of the first things you can do is to look at some of your older entries to see if there were areas that were left unexplained. Many times blog entries 'touch' upon a subject without fully explaining all the details. By taking an older post that has unexplained sub-topics you can base an entire post on just one of these sub-topics themselves.

Dip into the Reader Resource Pool

As a blogger it is important to remember that ultimately you are writing for the blog reader since without their loyalty you would have nobody visiting your site. With that said check the comments visitors leave and see if there are not some ideas or even requests that can give you new direction.

If people are leaving comments on your site it is likely you will find plenty of ideas to write about. You may even find people who would like to write a 'guest post' and if so pursue that direction also. The person who will be contributing to your site is motivated to deliver quality content since they are trying to attract traffic to their own site. On the other hand you now have a different perspective being introduced to your readers which will increase their interest as well.

Try a New 'Delivery' Style

Every blogger develops a unique style in which they deliver their content over a period of time. Usually it is a style that is comfortable and best suited to their personality. Whether it is satirical, instructive, or political, adopting a different style can infuse you with 'new' enthusiasm. Being able to take a different approach or stance on topics you blog about can be fun and gives you additional ideas on how to use this newly adopted style. The novelty of using a different delivery for your posting can add freshness to not only your site but also your outlook.

Being that your blog posting is what breathes life into the site you want to keep it as fresh and interesting as possible. Of course since the blog building process can take quite a bit of time it is natural to run out of ideas to post about. The 3 suggestions we covered here today serve as a means in which you can continue to supply the blog reader with the quality content they desire. By branching out from your current resources and tapping into new ones there is no reason your blog entries should diminish in quality or usefulness.

About the author: TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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