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Author: Katheleen Bloom

Copyright information is generally available on every single product that exists. In fact, if a product is not copyrighted, many of us feel wary about using it as we doubt its safety and quality. This is exactly why we should all respect the sanctity of copyright laws and preserve that very sanctity by refusing to buy or share pirated products and materials. Copyright protection is something that will only come about when all of us realise the full weight of the consequences of copyright infringement and begin to act in a more responsible manner. Additionally, if you are running a business or a service that you feel is unique, you should begin the process of obtaining the relevant copyrights as soon as possible.

Lawfully is a Sydney based firm that provides fast, efficient and professional services for clients at realistic fees in relation to trademarks, and the business aspects of patents and copyright. This firm provides reliable services to organisations ranging in size from small to large, in Australia and overseas. It identifies its services by the trade mark 'Lawfully' as well as trading under that name as a business name. Lawfully is a firm which delivers high quality services in the following four areas:

• Trade Mark evaluation, searching and registration.

• Copyright Registration in the USA for the original works of Australian writers, composers and software authors.

• Copyright Management. This service assists the Australian promoter in pulling together the diverse rights of actors and performers so that the promoter owns and can exploit copyrights in the film and/or live performance.

• Copyright and Patent management to assist authors, artists and inventors in Australia to exploit their original work within Australia.

For more information about how Lawfully can help your business with it's needs as well specific information on the types of services provided by lawfully, please visit the company web-site at

About the author: Katheleen worked in a law firm for a few years where she got interested in patents and copyright laws. Since then she has been an avid student of the same and likes to inform people about the laws through her

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